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Multi Circuit Boards is a leading European provider of economical high-tech printed circuit boards and multilayer boards with up to 48 layers, and production times as fast as 48h hours.

5 WD standard production
for 2 & 4 layers up to 0,15m² (e.g. 15 pcs. 100mm x 100mm)
6 WD up to 0,50m² (e.g. 50 pcs. 100mm x 100mm)
Inclusive for prototypes and series: 0.2mm drills, 125µm tracks

Multi Circuit Boards supplies business customers with Circuit Board prototypes und -series.For a high packing density, tightest space conditions or more bending cycles we also offer Flexible- and Rigid-Flex PCBs.

In addition to friendly service and experienced CAM technicians, Multi-CB excels with fast delivery and and superb technology. Our product selection is complemented by laser-cut SMD-Stencils for the assembly of SMD components and Toroidal Transformers with variable power and voltages.

Here is an overview of our extensive product selection:

  • Flexible PCBs
  • Flex-Rigid PCBs
  • Thick-Copper PCBs
  • Metal core PCBs
  • High Frequency PCBs
  • High-TG PCBs
  • SMD-Stencils
  • Toroidal Transformers

Calculate and order your circuit boards quickly and easily online.


High quality circuit boards with 1 to 48 layers

Printed Circuit Board Prototypes and Series Production

Our high-tech options include:

  • PCBs with up to 48 layers
  • FPCs with up to 8 layers
  • Rigid-Flex with up to 14 layers
  • Aluminium core, also pth
  • Ultra-fine conductor traces
  • Film-free laser direct imaging
  • Micro vias starting at 75µm
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Laser vias
  • Via plugging and stacking

  • Plated half-holes
  • Thin laminates starting at 50µm core thickness
  • Customer layer buildup
  • Sandwich buildups
  • Plated slots
  • Thick copper
  • Circuit board thicknesses up to 7mm
  • Depth milling (Z axis)
  • Impedance control
  • Special colours and coatings

All technical options

Design Parameters

Added value for your circuit boards

Take advantage of our extensive experience in PCB production and the high-tech options we offer for PCB construction.

Try our economical entry-level pricing for circuit board prototypes as well as low sliding rates for circuit boards in series production.

Rest assured: E-testing is always included for all boards with 2 or more layers. All multilayers include A.O.I. and X-ray! We check every circuit board layout free for manufacturability using extensive Design-Rule-Checks.

We would be happy to provide you with in-depth practical advice! See also our Design Aid for circuit boards.

PCB distributors wanted

We are looking for domestic and foreign dealers with PCB experience as commercial partners for worldwide distribution ouf our printed circuit boards.

You offer:

  • Experience with PCBs
  • English/German communication

We offer:

  • Instruction in Pricing and technology
  • Technical Support
  • Dealer pricelist

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Product information

Product information: Printed Circuit Boards

Product information: SMD stencils

Product information: Toroidal transformers

Free live-action support

Our Teamviewer live-action support software helps you to resolve any possible technical problems in your circuit board layout quickly and simply with our CAM engineers.

Using this small utility program, you can view the monitors via Internet simultaneously with our CAM engineers.

Multi-CB Live Support

Information on live-action support

Quality control

In addition to dependability and friendly service, the quality of our products is of paramount importance to us. This starts as soon as your data arrives, with our comprehensive Design-Rule-Check (DRC).

As the circuit boards are manufactured, and also after they are complete, we subject them to strict tests and monitoring:

  • E-testing
  • A.O.I. testing (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • X-ray (layer offset check)
  • Impedance control (on request)

Information about quality control

Calculate circuit board prototypes online:

Calculate PCB prototypes online   

The economical solution for circuit board prototypes with 2, 4, or 6 layers and a small overall area (up to approx. 4dm² ), with standard production times starting at 5 work days, express service as fast as 48 hours.

Circuit board prototypes always include:

  • E-testing
  • Design Rule Checking
  • Solder-stop (2 different)
  • Marking print 1x
  • Data import
  • Setup costs
  • Photoplot
  • Traces: 125µm
  • Annular rings: 125µm
  • Drill holes (vias): 0.3mm
  • Unlimited drilling
  • Contour milling
  • Lead-free HAL surface
  • FR4 material: 1.55mm; Cu: 35µm

Special options include: 100µm traces, 0.2mm drill holes, plated slots and express service (as fast as 48 hours).

Summary of technical options

Calculate series & special production circuit boards online:

Calculate PCB series online   

The economical solution for circuit boards in serial production (1 to 8 layers) and special designs (up to 48 layers), with standard production times as short as 8 workdays.

Serial circuit boards always include:

  • E-testing
  • Design Rule Checking
  • Solder-stop (2 different)
  • Marking print 1x
  • Data import
  • Setup costs
  • Photoplot
  • Traces: 150µm
  • Annular rings: 150µm
  • Drill holes (vias): 0.3mm
  • Unlimited drilling
  • Contour milling
  • Lead-free HAL surface
  • FR4 material: 1.55mm; Cu: 35µm


Special production PCBs include (for example): 75µm traces, 0.075mm drill holes, and express service (from 48 hours).

Calculate and order series & special production circuit boards, print price quotes
Summary of technical options


Special production circuit boards

Order special PCBs online

The economical solution for special circuit boards.

The following special production circuit board types are offered by Multi CB:

  • Flexible circuit boards
  • Semi-flexible circuit boards
  • High frequency circuit boards
  • High Tg circuit boards
  • Metal core circuit boards
  • Thick copper circuit boards



Ordering special production circuit boards
Overview of special production circuit boards


Order SMD-Stencils online:

Order SMD-Stencils online

Order your solder paste stencils for SMD placement together with your circuit boards. The advantages are obvious: data security, one single delivery, with Multi CB as your dependable contact for all follow-up questions.

SMD-Stencils always include:

  • Thicknesses from 100µm to 150µm
  • From 1000 to 2500 pads (design-dependent)
  • 100 characters of text
  • 8 pattern alignment marks
  • Pad manipulation
  • Final processing
  • Production time starting from 3 work days


SMD special designs include (for example): thicknesses from 80 to 250µm, and express service (as fast as 48 hours).

Calculate and order SMD stencils online

Summary of technical options


Order Toroidal Transformers online:

Order Toroidal Transformers online

You can order Toroidal Transformers with any voltage or power rating (VA) from Multi CB, with our normal production times (manufactured according to EN 61558).

Available designs include: Open style, Centre Potted, Fully encapsulated.

Technical options for toroidal transformers:

  • Power ratings up to 1500 VA
  • Custom dimensions
  • Static copper film shield
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Up to 10 primary coils
  • Up to 14 secondary coils
  • Production times starting from 3 work days
  • etc.


Sample prices for Toroidal Transformers
Toroidal Transformers specifications

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Pricing Examples

Printed Circuit Boards always include:

- E-Test
- Solder-stop 2x
- Marking print 1x
- Gerber-Import
- Scoring (series)
- Design-Rule-Check

- Tooling costs
- Photoplot
- Conductors 150μm
- Drill holes 0,3mm
- Unlimited drilling
- HAL, FR4 1,6, 35μm Cu

2 layers - 5 WD
41,- €
1 Printed circuit board 100x100mm
4 layers - 5 WD
59,00 €
1 Printed circuit board 100x70mm
6 layers - 6 WD
129,00 €
1 Printed circuit board 60x100mm
e.g. 100 pcs. PCB 100x100mm
2 layers - each
3,73 €
4 layers - each
5,22 €
6 layers - each
7,68 €
8 layers - each
13,20 €
SMD Stencils
max. 150x200mm - 2WD
33,80 €
1 Stencil, incl. unlimited pads
max. 600x600mm - 2WD
89,00 €
1 Stencil, incl. unlimited pads
Directly from your data

Our free and comprehensive Design-Rule-Check helps avoiding many errors before the production even starts!
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