Our extensive experience and our continuous pursuit of improvements in development and the highest possible precision in circuit board manufacture has been valued highly by our customers for many years.

The basis for the highest possible quality through technical advances is reflected in a continual educational and training advance for our employees, and therefore also an improvement in our corporate knowledge base.

In order to maintain our position with regard to state-of-the-art technology, and to play an active role in the development of new standards, Multi CB is a member of the FED (Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V., a German electronic design association), as well as of the IPC.

All circuit boards made by Multi CB are manufactured by default according to the IPC-A 600 standard, which is a universal dimension for circuit board manufacturers worldwide. A summary of the IPC standards that apply to printed circuit board manufacture is available in the IPC Specification Tree.


Fachverband Elektronik-Design Logo

The “Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V.” is the original association for circuit board designers, circuit board manufacturers, and chip set producers in Germany. The emphasis of the group’s work still reflects the interests of smaller CAD service providers, and supports them with practical training opportunities, active information exchange in the regional groups, and with technical guidelines and standards.



IPC Logo

The IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) acts to improve operational techniques, management, and technological programs in the electronics industry. An important aspect is the definition and modification of relevant standards for modern electronics products, and creating programs for climate protection.
IPC supports the industry with dozens of workshops and conferences, webcasts, new standards, and explanations for new guidelines (such as for RoHS).


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SMD Stencils

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SMD Stencils


Pricing Examples

Printed Circuit Boards always include:

- E-Test
- Solder-stop 2x
- Marking print 1x
- Gerber-Import
- Scoring (series)
- Design-Rule-Check

- Tooling costs
- Photoplot
- Conductors 150μm
- Drill holes 0,3mm
- Unlimited drilling
- HAL, FR4 1,6, 35μm Cu

2 layers - 5 WD
41,- €
1 Printed circuit board 100x100mm
4 layers - 5 WD
98,74 €
1 Printed circuit board 160x100mm
6 layers - 6 WD
158,20 €
1 Printed circuit board 160x100mm
e.g. 100 pcs. PCB 100x100mm
2 layers - each
3,74 €
4 layers - each
5,64 €
6 layers - each
7,30 €
8 layers - each
14,25 €
SMD Stencils
max. 200x300mm - 3WD
47,50 €
1 Stencil, including 1000 pads
max. 600x600mm - 3WD
90,44 €
1 Stencil, including 2500 pads

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Our free and comprehensive Design-Rule-Check helps avoiding many errors before the production even starts!
Click here for additional Design-Aid!

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