Flexible circuit boards

flexible circuit board

Because of the advantages (for example, cost, space, and weight savings) that flexible and Rigid-Flex-circuit boards have for some projects, they are used ever more frequently. Multi CB can produce your flexible circuit boards with the highest quality, either as prototypes or in series.

The standard surface used is immersion gold, the contours are formed according to requirements, preferably using laser cutting, or also with mechanical milling.

You should discuss the selected materials and design for the construction and layout of flexible circuit boards with us in the planning phase; we can assist you to work out the optimum solution!

Please contact our CAM-Station-Team (tel. +49-8104-6280) for additional technical questions about flexible circuit boards.

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Design 1 to 8 layers, plated contacts Layer buildup
Conductor width min. 75µm  
Annular rings min. 125µm  
Vias min. Ø 200µm  
Surfaces Immersion gold (recommended), immersion tin, Lead-free HAL Available prepregs
Materials Polyimide, high Tg polyimide Available materials
Material thickness starting at 44µm incl. Copper (1 layer)  
Max. size 250mm x 450mm  
Solder-stop coating Coverlay or flexible solder-stop  

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Pricing Examples

Printed Circuit Boards always include:

- E-Test
- Solder-stop 2x
- Marking print 1x
- Gerber-Import
- Scoring (series)
- Design-Rule-Check

- Tooling costs
- Photoplot
- Conductors 150μm
- Drill holes 0,3mm
- Unlimited drilling
- HAL, FR4 1,6, 35μm Cu

2 layers - 5 WD
41,- €
1 Printed circuit board 100x100mm
4 layers - 5 WD
98,74 €
1 Printed circuit board 160x100mm
6 layers - 6 WD
158,20 €
1 Printed circuit board 160x100mm
e.g. 100 pcs. PCB 100x100mm
2 layers - each
3,74 €
4 layers - each
5,64 €
6 layers - each
7,30 €
8 layers - each
14,25 €
SMD Stencils
max. 200x300mm - 3WD
47,50 €
1 Stencil, including 1000 pads
max. 600x600mm - 3WD
90,44 €
1 Stencil, including 2500 pads
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Our free and comprehensive Design-Rule-Check helps avoiding many errors before the production even starts!
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