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Design for Assembly

As well as DFM describes the process to make printed circuit boards "producible", Design for Assembly DfA stands for designing printed circuit boards which are already optimized for the assembly process.

However, this can affect spacing of pads or holes and the surface of the board. If in doubt,  e.g. for "exotic" or very small components (for example, 01005), the assembly partner should be contacted in advance, in order to prevent problems during soldering.

In addition, the PCB layout data is mostly passed to the printed circuit board production in Gerber format. In which, compared with the original CAD data, very little information stays available. Thus, for example in Gerber format, it is not clear whether all the design rules for the manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Assembly (DfA) are complied with.

For this reason, Multi-CB supports the free ODB ++ format, but also converts the current customer data at no additional charge.

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