• 100µm tracks
  • 0.2mm drills, unlimited
  • 2L, 4L: Surface HAL lead-free, 6L, 8L: chem. Gold
  • FR4 1.55mm, 35µm Cu
  • 2x solder-stop green
  • 1x marking print white
  • E-Test, Design-Rule-Check
1 pc.in

2 Layers
80mm x 100mm

4 Layers
80mm x 100mm
6 Layers
80mm x 100mm
98,00 6WD
8 Layers
80mm x 100mm
157,00 6WD

FLEXIBLE PCBs, 1 - 10 Layers


  • 100µm tracks
  • 0.2mm drills, unlimited
  • Surface chem. gold
  • Polyimid 25µm / 50µm
  • Coverlay or solder-stop
  • E-Test, Design-Rule-Check

Optional: Stiffener, Express, ..

100mm x 40mm1 Layer Flexin
3 pcs. each 84,929WD
10 pcs. each 32,629WD
25 pcs. each17,189WD
50 pcs. each11,169WD



  • Unlimited pads
  • 2WD production time
  • Brushing: both sides
  • Thickness 100µm to 150µm
  • 100 characters of text
  • Design-Rule-Check

Optional: DEK, Electropolish, ...

Size e.g.
Price / unit
200 x 200mm33,802WD
300 x 300mm
555 x 555mm87,562WD
600 x 600mm89,00 2WD

Multilayer PCBs with up to 48 layers

In addition to printed circuits, we also produce multilayer boards, which are indispensable for modern HDI layouts. These are suitable for all designs with high packing density. Whether you need multilayer PCBs with 4, 8, 12 or up to 48 layers, we are ready as an experienced producer. Just contact us: our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you!

SMD-Stencils online

For the assembly of your printed circuit boards, lasered SMD-Stencils are the best means to guarantee a high degree of accuracy. With our Online Calculator you have the possibility to compile the stencil for your PCB with just a few clicks. The desired design (for example, quick clamping frame system or DEK VectorGuard) can be selected here as well as a pad reduction and existing fiducials. When you have made all the entries, your SMD-Stencil price is calculated. We do the production - with laser technology,  a favorable price and to your full satisfaction!

Custom toroidal transformers

Our product portfolio is completed by custom toroidal transformers, which we develop and manufacture according to your specifications and requirements. We produce transformers for arbitrary voltages, whereby of course each transformer from our house complies with the currently valid EU standard EN 61558. As a material, we use only high-quality steel, where you can choose between an "open style" and "centre potted" and "fully encapsulated". Request a quote from us or place an order directly - we look forward to working for you!



PCB Prototype
Custom toroidal transformer