High precision SMD-Stencils in manufacturing pooling

From now on, we offer our high-quality SMD-Stencils in pool production. For this, the stencil data of several customers are placed on a production panel cost optimization.

Through pooling, all tooling- and additional costs are distributed to all customers. The calculation of the individual stencils thus takes place purely according to the actual area. The entry price of an SMD-Stencil, which usually requires only one single piece, decreases therefore enormously.

Only precision lasers with an axial accuracy of 2μm and a repeatability of 3μm are used for the production. The high performance lasers allow a price calculation regardless of the number of pads: Each stencil size can be ordered with an unlimited number of pads at no extra charge - Unlimited Pads.

Thanks to the continuous process optimization, the standard production time was also shortened to 2WD (working days).

A final treatment of the stencils by brushing on both sides is already included. This ensures a regular solder paste distribution, a longer service life of the squeegee, a lower cleaning frequency and is therefore not only important for HDI printed circuit boards.

In our clearly laid-out calculator for SMD stencils these can be ordered quickly and easily. The shipping is either individually or together with the printed circuit boards, in order to save shipping and / or storage costs.

Additional options such as quick-release systems, nano protection or electropolishing are added with one click. The calculator shows real-time price and delivery time; the ready configured stencil can also be printed and saved as an offer or added to the shopping cart.

The new pooling service for SMD-Stencils, the simplified user guidance, greater price transparency and better clarity in the online calculator make the stencils as well as printed circuit boards order even more compact. Annoying steps are no longer required, the customer saves time, money and nerves.