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CCD – Camera Controlled Drilling (and Routing)

For multilayer circuit boards, the development leads to smaller vias and an increasing number of layers. The tighter manufacturing tolerances demand a reliable registration process of conductive pattern and holes.

For this matter, the optical registration (with the help of integrated camera systems) has been established for high-precision drilling or milling solutions. The high resolution camera is fixed directly in the drilling machine, to find the optimal drill position for each via or to determine the optimal milling route, respectively (Camera Controlled Drilling and routing).

The production panel must not be repositioned on the drilling machine (tolerances) after the registration measurement, but the determined layer registration can be implemented immediately in the optimal drilling pattern.

This new high-resolution system works even more precisely than the approved X-Ray technology.

Advantage: If the layout requires CCD processing, it is always included at Multi-CB!

OIR – Optical Innerlayer Registration

The CCD technology makes use of OIR. Through sophisticated test holes, fiducials, high-resolution deep-focus cameras and high-tech software, the layer registration of the inner layers is determined.

Here, the following values can be determined for the inner layers:

  • X-/Y- axis shift
  • shrinkage or expansion
  • rotation

By CCD - OIR the best hole pattern can be determined, and thus the effective alignment of the remaining annular rings.

This combination of mechanical components and optical systems leaves no wishes with regard to the processing of the current generations of high tech multilayer circuit boards.