Data sheets

The following data sheets for materials used by Multi-CB, as well as general information, are available for downloading. Please note that the materials listed may be replaced by technically equivalent or similar products, according to available stocks on hand. Please inquire when working with critical tolerances.

Design Rules

Datasheet Notes
DatasheetPrinted Circuit Boards - Basic Design RulesNotesMulti-CB Design Rules

General Information

Datasheet Notes
DatasheetDesign and Manufacture of Controlled Impedance PCBsNotesby Polar Instruments Ltd.
DatasheetFR4 material - standard valuesNotesby Multi-CB

Material for rigid PCBs

Data sheet Notes
Data sheetISOLA Duraver DE104NotesStandard FR4
Data sheetISOLA Duraver DE104 KFNotesFR4 tracking resistant
Data sheetISOLA Duraver DE156NotesFR4 halogen-free
Data sheetISOLA IS410NotesHigh-TG, CAF-Enhanced
Data sheetISOLA IS420NotesHigh-TG, CAF-Enhanced
Data sheetISOLA P96NotesBased on polyimide
Data sheetISOLA G200NotesBT-Epoxy
Data sheetShengyi S1141NotesFR4 Alternative
Data sheetShengyi S1000-2NotesFR4 Hoch-Tg Alternative
Data sheetITEQ IT-180ANotesFR4 Hoch-Tg Alternative

An overview of the various material parameters can be found here: PCB Materials - rigid circuit boards

Material for flexible PCBs

Data sheet Notes
Data sheetDuPont Pyralux APNotesPolyimide material
Data sheetDuPont Pyralux FRNotesCoverlay
Data sheetDuPont Pyralux LFNotesAdhesive
Data sheetARLON 85NNotesPolyimide High-Tg

An overview of the various material parameters can be found here:r: PCB Materials - flexible circuit boards

Material for Metal core boards

Data sheet Notes
Data sheetKL Thermal ENotesMetal core 1 layer
Data sheetMSC PT TC-Lam 1.3NotesMetal core 1 layer
Data sheetChaoshun CCAF-04NotesMetal core 2 layers
Data sheetChaoshun CCAF-05NotesMetal core 2 layers

An overview of the various material parameters can be found here: PCB Materials - metal core boards

Material for High-frequency PCBs

Data sheet Notes
Data sheetRogers 4350BNotesHF Material
Data sheetISOLA IS620NotesE- woven glass
Data sheetTaconic RF-35NotesCeramic (e.g. microwave applications)
Data sheetTaconic TLXNotesPTFE
Data sheetTaconic TLCNotesPTFE
Data sheetRogers RO3001NotesBonding film for PTFE
Data sheetRogers RO3003NotesPTFE Ceramic, filled
Data sheetRogers RO3006NotesPTFE Ceramic, filled
Data sheetRogers RO3010NotesPTFE Ceramic, filled

An overview of the various material parameters can be found here: PCB Materials - high frequency boards


Data sheet Notes
Data sheetCOATES Imagecure XV501TNotes 
Data sheetPETERS Elpemer GL 2467Notes 
Data sheetPETERS SD2955NotesPeelable solder-stop

Toroidal Transformers

Datasheet Notes
DatasheetComposition of Toroidal TransformersNotesList of components
DatasheetCore - M130-27SNotesTransformer Core
DatasheetIsolation - BASF Ultramid A3X2G5NotesIsolation of core
DatasheetIsolation - SYNKRAFT KPNotesIsolation of core
DatasheetCopper wire - THERVEST 200Notes 
DatasheetIsolation 2 - DUPONT Mylar ANotesIsolation of windings
DatasheetPVC isolation tubeNotes 
DatasheetFabric isolation tubeNotes 
DatasheetThermo switch C4Notesmax. Schaltstrom 6.3A / 250V
DatasheetThermo switch C8Notesmax. Schaltstrom 16A / 250V