Live-action support

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Our Live-action support software Teamviewer helps to quickly and easily clear up any technical problems in your circuit board layout in cooperation with our CAM engineers.

Using Teamviewer, you can observe the monitor directly with our CAM engineers via Internet. You can see exactly what we see, and can resolve problems while reviewing the production data.

If you wish, you can also release the display of your own monitor for us to see.

Here’s how it works

  1. Connect to the Internet and start the Live-action support software, which will issue you an ID number.
  2. Call us at +49-8104-6280 and tell us your ID number.
  3. Our CAM engineers will initiate the Teamviewer connection.

You will now see our technicians monitor in live action (real time), with your own circuit board layout, and can begin to solve the problem together. You both work on the same screen.

Your advantages

  • Uncomplicated, since no installation is needed
  • Permits immediate solutions for problems with the manufacturing data
  • No loss of time due to manufacturing delays
  • Secured by 128-bit encryption

Work with our technicians as if you were directly on-site with them! This gives us better information about exactly what you want, and protects you from potential errors or damage


The Multi CB version of the Teamviewer program works only with the Multi CB server, so it cannot be misused by any outside party.

In addition, the program provides only a view of the monitor. Neither you nor our employees can take any action on or transmit files to the other system without permission from the other side.