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Our Services

Here is an excerpt of our services in Printed Circuit Boards, SMD-Stencils and Toroidal Transformers.

Printed Circuit Boards product range

SMD-Stencil product range

  • Quality: Stainless steel, lasered, thicknesses of 80-250μm
  • Maximum size 600mm x 600mm
  • Numerous quick release / quick clamping systems selectable by dropdown in the calculator
  • DEK Vectorguard
  • Finishing treatment double-sided deburring (standard), electropolishing (medium series), nanoprotection (large series)

Your inquiry

  • 24/7 online calculation of price and production time
  • Request also possible by email and fax
  • In case of a request including production data, your data is already fully checked > Design Rule Check (DRC). This results in highest reliability of the quotation and production can start immediately after we receive your order.

In the quotation you can see the result of our Design Rule Check:

The DRC was successfully executed, there are no engineering questions. Production starts immediately after we receive your order.

The DRC was successfully executed. There is an engineering issue, please pay attention to “our comment” in the quotation.

Your order

  • Convenient order via our online calculator
  • By email, fax or mailing
  • Directly from your ERP system (e.g. Oracle, SAP, SupplyOn, ...)


  • Automatic import of the main PCB parameters from your CAD file
  • Plausibility checks of your Printed Circuit Board already when entering the specifications in the calculator
    • Avoids incorrect entries
    • Immediate feedback with recommended action
  • Create a professional delivery panel with the PCB panel configurator, with just a few clicks
  • When ordering Printed Circuit Board and associated SMD-Stencil, only 1 data upload is necessary
  • Create SMD-Stencil templates and use them in an order with just 1 click
  • Add prototype SMD-Stencil with just 1 click
  • With a few clicks: order a quotation
  • With a few clicks: trigger a reorder
  • With a few clicks: save a self-calculated quotation
  • Take over existing PCB specifications with just one click
  • Choose between the stored delivery addresses with one click
  • Automatically calculates shipping costs based on shopping cart, delivery service and shipping address


  • Support of a large number of PCB data types, suitable for almost all CAD programs
  • Mostly automated Design Rule Check (DRC): fast, correct and complete testing
  • Increased use of AI in production preparation enables optimum consideration of design parameters and guarantees the best possible utilisation of production lines (express PCBs)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) by our experienced CAM engineers
  • Customer care by our German and English speaking CAM engineers by phone, email and TeamViewer live support


Logistics services

  • Worldwide shipping with UPS and DHL, in more than 50 countries
  • Cheap shipping thanks to high shipping volume
  • Powerful customs software for accurate and complete customs documentation
  • Distribution center with call-off warehouse in Brunnthal, Germany, for delivery by call-order
  • By default your article no. and your order no. on the PCB packaging, as text and as a barcode

Customised solutions/ API

  • For PCB manufacturers, PCB dealers, major customers (e.g., EMS) and distributors
  • Powerful IT department for the rapid implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Reliable implementation of customer-specific requirements through a high degree of individual automation