Printed Circuit Board scoring

Scoring is used for mechanical pre-separation of circuit boards. A V-shaped breaking line is formed in the circuit board with a precision cutting tool. Please observe the following rules:

  • The circuit boards spacing in the layout is 0.0mm
  • Scoring lines must be straight; horizontal and vertical lines are possible, and always run from circuit board outer edge to circuit board outer edge
  • For stability, we recommend using scoring only above a minimum circuit board thickness of 1mm
  • For PCBs thinner than 1mm (down to min. 0.8mm) we offer onesided scoring

V-Scoring parameters

OptionRemaining bridge thicknessParameterapprox. 0.3mm
OptionScoring angleParameter30°
OptionMinimum copper / scoring line spacing Parameter500µm
OptionEdge displacement P*Parameter+/- 150µm

Scoring example image

PCB scoring

Note: In addition to a circuit board contour within a panel, the panel contours themselves may also be scored.