Design Rule Check (DRC)

Printed Circuit Boards Design Rule Check

The DRC is an in-depth review of your production data, which is carried out by our experienced CAM station engineers before production of your circuit boards or SMD-Stencils even begins. 

The DRC is an extremely important step in circuit board manufacture; for this purpose we use GENESIS software from Orbotech. The customer’s data are verified for manufacturability and for observance of required production parameters. Without DRC, faulty PCBs or unnecessary delays in production can occur.

A comprehensive Design Rule Check helps recognizing many mistakes already in advance and to avoid reclamations.

Without the DRC, circuit board production is a game of luck!
While there are PCB manufacturer, which pass the seemingly easier route, and produce PCBs unaudited , the damage and costs caused by faulty circuit boards are always carried by the customer!

Your advantage: With Multi-CB the DRC is always included!

If necessary, our engineers can discuss problems found quickly and easily along with you on a screen. Our free live support enables simple connection via Internet.