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EMS provider at Multi-CB

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) refers to the complete contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies, devices and systems (electronics manufacturing) - from development and PCB assembly to test concepts and worldwide delivery.

Multi-CB is a supplier for the TOP EMS service providers in the DACH region and worldwide. Our high-tech PCBs and precision SMD stencils are successfully used in thousands of electronic assemblies.

Outsourcing der Elektronikfertigung

EMS ist eine Methode des Outsourcings, bei welchem Teile der Produktion ausgelagert werden, um Kosten zu senken und sich vermehrt auf die Entwicklung neuer Produkte, Marketing und Verkauf konzentrieren zu können. Mit Multi-CB als Partner, können Sie auf das komplette Spektrum modernen Leiterplattenproduktion für die Elektronikfertigung zugreifen.

Unser Fertigungsspektrum für die Elektronikfertigung (Auszug):


Electronics Manufacturing Outsourcing

EMS is a method of outsourcing, where parts of the production are outsourced in order to reduce costs and to be able to concentrate more on the development of new products, marketing and sales. With Multi-CB as your partner, you can access the complete spectrum of modern PCB production for electronics manufacturing.

Our production spectrum for electronics manufacturing (excerpt):

For EMS service providers

As an EMS service provider / electronics manufacturer, you need flawless individual components at a very good price, delivered on time. With our PCB high-tech options at no extra charge and 48-hour rush service, Multi-CB can give you the edge over your competition.

Do as your strongest competitors in electronics manufacturing do and use our PCB calculator for speedy order processing. Due to the automatic readout of PCB data and intelligent hints, human errors during input are extremely minimized. By means of API connection the ordering process can be automated (see also: our services). When the goods reach your house the electronic production can start without delay due to customizable barcodes.

We concentrate on the PCB and SMD stencil, you concentrate on your core competencies such as layout services, component management, assembly, device assembly, development of complex test concepts.