Multilayer PCBs with 1-48 layers

PCB multilayer

Multilayer printed circuit boards, simply called multilayers, can be ordered through Multi-CB with up to 48 layers. In our PCB online calculator up to 10 layers multilayer can instantly be calculated, for more layers please send an enquiry.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of prepregs and cores and thus to realize an individual layer buildup. Also the pressing of various materials to form a multilayer board is possible (sandwich structure). Special multilayer material requirements can be met in most cases, however, the time for the procurement of materials is dependent on the base material suppliers and may vary.

With the Multi-CB PCB calculator you can quickly and easily calculate the price of your PCBs and SMD stencils!

Order Multilayer online

Of course, to our customers are all multilayer high-tech technologies available, such as blind vias, buried vias and staggered vias or back drill, just to name a few. Just by the ever faster clocking frequencies, the demand for impedance controlled multilayers raises: We also perform impedance checks for you and help you with the calculation of layer thicknesses and spacing.

Calculate and order your Multilayer PCBs right here on our website. Is an immediate price quote not possible, due to special technology, you typically get an individual offer on the same day. Any questions about Multilayer PCBs or on another topic? We are at your disposal. Contact us by email or call us directly. Your Multi-CB Team