Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformer - open style

From Multi-CB, you can order toroidal transformers with any voltage or power rating (VA) with no surcharges, at normal production times. The finished products are manufactured exactly according to your requests and match your requirements precisely.

Our transformers are manufactured according to EN 61558 (previously VDE 0551 or EN 60742). You have the option of selecting between open style, bzw. centre potted  oder fully encapsulated forms.

The transformer cores are manufactured under a strict quality control program, exclusively using high quality steel with minimal loss characteristics (1.1 W/kg at 1.7 Tesla and 50 Hz).

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Pricing Examples

Centre potted

Fully encaps.

Technical options

  • Power ratings up to 5000 VA (Fully Encapsulated: 600 VA)
  • Per side, up to approx. 1000 V / 50 A
  • Special dimensions, for example: flat, large diameter, or tall, small diameter
  • Copper foil static shield
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Litz wires
  • Up to 10 primary coils with taps
  • Up to 14 secondary coils with taps
  • Enhanced isolation up to 7000 Volt effective
  • Protected by thermo-switch >115ºC
  • Equipped with flat plugs, among others
  • Encased in standard housings
  • Designed for up to temperature class F
  • Custom selectable wire lengths
  • Custom selectable end strands
  • Custom selectable frequencies
  • Selectable connector colours
  • Eco or auto transformer designs (no galvanic separation)
  • Line out connections (such as for audio amplifiers)

Type label

The type label, which is attached to transformers made by Multi-CB, normally contain the connection diagram (in graphic or text form, depending on the available space), the CE Logo, and the notice „Produced according to EN61558“.

Transformer type label