Hybrid layer buildup Rogers 4350B/FR4

Hybrid layer buildup Rogers FR4 microsection

For (impedance-controlled) high-frequency PCBs, Multi-CB offers Rogers 4350B material with improved dielectric properties. Rogers-4000 materials are based on ceramics, are more homogeneous in the material mix and thus more reliable in terms of signal integrity (e.g. significantly lower loss factor, tan d).

A hybrid layer buildup of Rogers 4350B and FR4 material combines several advantages. The critical layers are built up with a high-tech Rogers core and then pressed with common FR4 prepreg.

Your advantages with hybrid buildup:

  • Optimised low loss material properties in the high-frequency layers
  • Lower price due to material mix
  • Time saving, due to high material availability
  • Fixed distance from outer- to reference-layer thanks to thickness-stable Rogers cores
  • Defined layer structure with impedance examples
  • Improved adhesion between the layers, thanks to higher resin content in FR4 prepreg (cf. Rogers/Rogers construction)
  • Greatly improved mechanical stability compared to a plain Rogers buildup
  • High reliability of the PCBs due to high-quality, process-safe and proven buildups

Defined hybrid layer buildup Rogers 4350B/FR4

Use our impedance layout examples to approximate your desired impedance values.

4 layers: 4L-H01 Hybrid Rogers 4350B - 168µm core / FR4 (1.55mm)

4 layer PCB hybrid stackup Rogers FR4 168µm core

4 layers: 4L-H02 Hybrid Rogers 4350B - 254µm core / FR4 (1.55mm)

4 layer PCB hybrid stackup Rogers FR4 254µm core

The defined layer buildup does not yet include impedance control! Impedance control comes with an extra charge in the PCB calculator.

* Prepreg thicknesses after pressing, at approx. 80% copper utilization on the inner layers.

Custom layer buildup

The custom layer buildup is special production. You can choose from the following cores and prepregs for a Rogers only layer construction.

For hybrid buildups or FR4-only multilayers, you find here: Our available prepregs and cores for FR4 material

Rogers prepregs

We have the following Rogers prepregs in stock:

TypeTypical thicknessAfter pressing*
TypeRO4450FTypical thicknessapprox. 100µmAfter pressing*approx. 100µm

Rogers cores

We have the following Rogers cores in stock:

TypeTypical thicknessCopper thickness
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness168µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness254µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness508µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness1524µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm

The following Rogers cores are partially in stock, or are available for order:

TypeTypical thicknessCopper thickness
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness101µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm;
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness338µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm
TypeRO4350BTypical thickness762µmCopper thickness18µm/18µm; 35µm/35µm

For high-frequency applications, you can also use our range of other PCB materials, such as Panasonic Megtron6. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!