FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For the most circuit boards you can use our Online Circuit Board calculator to generate an offer and to order.

For SMD stencils, please use the Online SMD-Stencil calculator.

For toroidal transformers, please use the request form for toroidal transformers or the order form for toroidal transformers.

For reordering , please login into your online account. Under the menu item reorder you see all of your orders as from 15.10.2012.

After clicking on "Reorder" you can adjust the desired working days and number of pieces and reorder smoothly.

Orders placed before 15/10/2012 must be manually assigned to your account. Please contact us in this case.

You can also choose the traditionalordering method by Email / Fax as alternative to the online calculator. For this, we need your order, the layout data and all relevant information of the PCB. Please note that orders without using the online calculator may differ from the working days as well as the price, since the degree of automation for online orders is very high.

You can attach your circuit board and smd stencil data within the online circuit board calculator during the order process.

You can attach your data for toroidal transformers in the quotation form for transformers or order form for transformers, respectively.

Please send data for special enquiries or for toroidal transformers by email.

We solely process digital data (e.g. GERBER data and drill hole data).

We prefer to process data in ODB++ and Extended GERBER formats. We can also import your data from the following programs:

  • Target 3001
  • KiCad
  • Sprint Layout
  • Altium
  • OrCAD

Detailed information on all supported PCB data types.

If you send us standard GERBER data, we will also need the additional D-Code table(s) and drill hole data, preferably in Excellon format; but all other popular formats are also acceptable, of course.

If you make use of our cost-free data import (e.g. from EAGLE, Target, etc.), we only export the standard layers. Custom layers used must be explicitely stated in written form. Please note also our Design-Aid for EAGLE-Users.

We reservethe right, to prepare and optimize your data for production.

This includes (amongst others):

a) We crop the copper at the PCB edges (shaving):

  • 200µm spacing to milling edges
  • 500µm spacing to scoring edges
  • 200µm circular for npth drills

Note: Short-circuits are avoided if the PCBs are to be inserted into conductive housings, avoidance of injuries and better durability of the boards.

b) Scale-up of the solder-stop mask:
When solder-stop is applied, a certain production tolerance and thus a small offset to the conductive pattern is possible. To prevent your pads from being overprinted by solderstop, we scale-up the pad`s clearance (if necessary) 50-125µm, depending on the design.

c) Optimisation of the marking print in relation to the pads (clipp-off):
The marking print is cropped for 100µm from the solder-stop mask. This is necessary, as overprinted solder-pads give solderability problems.

Font width of the marking print:
The font width of the marking print will be scaled up to a minimum of 150-180µm (design related), otherwise the marking print is to small, blurry or non-existent.

The manufacturing time does not begin until all documents necessary for production have been submitted completely. The current (partial) day is counted only when the circuit board data/documentation has been presented to us before 9:00 am (CET).

For the production of SMD stencils, the extended acceptance time until 12:00 pm  (CET) applies.

Please note: Day of dispatch does not count as working day.

If not stated explicitly, the given prices for printed circuit boards refer to:

  • min. conductor trace -width / -spacing: 100µm (0.1mm, 4mil) and
  • min. via diameter: 200µm (0.2mm, 8mil)

as well as a production according to IPC-A-600 class 2.

For highest demands also a production according to class 3 is possible.

All base materials used in the circuit boards and all available final surfaces for the circuit boards are RoHS compliant (with the exception of HAL lead-tin SnPb).

Our toroidal transformers and SMD stencils are also RoHS compliant.

Information on the ampacity and heat development can be found in our Design-Aid under: Conductor / Ampacity.

During the E-Test, a net list is generated on the basis of the PCB data provided by the customer. This net list displays all connection routes from parts and connection points.

After the circuit boards have been manufactured, electric voltage is applied to the connections given in the net list, through testing probes. Therefore not all pads need to have a testing mark.

Through the E-Test, short circuits or open conductor traces can be identified and localized, guaranteeing the functionality of the circuit boards.

At Multi-CB all PCBs ≥ 2 layers are tested by E-test.

The testing with E-test may not assure the perfect accuracy of the goods, for technical reasons. The customer should perform an incoming goods inspection.

Multi Circuit boards Ltd. delivers exclusively to business customers and public institutions.

Shipping is handled by UPS, DHL or by customer pickup. When ordering via the online portal you will see the available UPS services including price information.

If you do not place your order through the online portal, please provide the desired shipping service. If we do not receive any information regarding the UPS service, your order will be sent by default with UPS Standard, if express service with UPS Express Saver.

A pick-up is possible at our German location in Brunnthal.

Your order can also be shipped with your desired logistics provider (DHL, Hermes, Schenker, TNT, ...), please select the shipping option "pickup" and tell us the necessary shipping information by phone or email.

Seealso: shipping costs and options.

The following payment methods are available via our online portal: 

  • Invoice purchase (30 days net, 10 days 2% discount, subject to credit check)
  • Advance payment
  • Credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express)
  • PayPal

If the desired payment method is not available in the online portal, please contact us.

Please inform us as quickly as possible in case of any problem that may necessitate a return. We always strive to reach an equitable and non-bureaucratic cooperative solution. Please observe that complaints can be honoured only in relation to the actual product as ordered. In cases where the complaint is justified, we will deliver corrected items as soon as possible.

Please send your reclamation by email to info@multi-circuit-boards.eu.
Please list:

  • delivery note number
  • article number
  • error description
  • photo if necessary

Our products have following customs tariff numbers:

  • 8534 0019 Singlesided bare printed circuit boards
  • 8534 0011 Multilayered bare printed circuit boards
  • 8504 31 Toroidal transformers ≤ 1kVA
  • 8504 3200 Toroidal transformers > 1kVA
  • 7326 9098 SMD stencil, stainless steel

Our Incoterms for printed circuit boards and SMD stencils:

EXW - for customers within the EU

FCA - for customers outside the EU