Flexible circuit boards

Flexible circuit board

Because of the advantages (for example, cost, space, and weight savings) that flexible and Rigid-Flex-circuit boards have for some projects, they are used ever more frequently. Multi-CB can produce your flexible circuit boards with the highest quality, either as prototype or as series with 1-10 layers.

The standard surface used is chemical gold (ENIG), the contours are formed according to requirements, preferably using laser cutting, or also with mechanical milling.

You should discuss the selected materials and design for the construction and layout of flexible circuit boards with us in the planning phase; we can assist you to work out the optimum solution!

Please contact our CAM-Station-Team (tel. +49-8104-6280) for additional technical questions about flexible circuit boards. Please mind also our Design-Aid for flexible circuit boards.
PCB-Calculator: Flexible PCBs

Technical options for flexible circuit boards

 DesignOptions1 to 10 layers, plated-throughInclusive-NotesLayer buildup
 Conductor width min.Options100µmInclusive100µmNotes 
 Annular ring min.Options100µmInclusive100µmNotes 
 Via min. ØOptions0.15mmInclusive0.2mmNotes 
 SurfacesOptionsChemical gold (recommended),
ENEPIG, chem silver
InclusiveChemical goldNotesSurfaces
 MaterialsOptionsPolyimide, high Tg polyimideInclusivePolyimideNotesMaterials
 Material thicknessOptionsstarting at 25µm foil plus copperInclusive25µm, 50µmNotes 
 Copper thicknessOptionsfrom 18µmInclusive18µm, 35µmNotes 
 StiffenerOptions0.025µm - 3.20mmInclusive0.2mm, 0.3mmNotes 
 Max. sizeOptions250mm x 450mmInclusive-Noteslarger on request
 CoverOptionsCoverlay or flexible solder-stopInclusive-Notes 
 Cover bridge min.OptionsCoverlay: ≥ 350µm
Flex. solder-stop: ≥ 100µm
 Impedance controlOptionsYes (10% tolerance)Inclusive-Notes 
 Adhesive tapeOptions3M 9077Inclusive-NotesMaterials

Material for flexible circuit boards

UL certification for flexible circuit boards

At Multi-CB, you also get one-sided and multilayer flexible printed circuit boards with UL certification.

Flexible Circuit Board Microsection

2 Layer Flex-PCB (PTH) Microsection

Example - Stiffener

Flexible circuit board with ZIF connector 250µm

ZIF connector, picture by courtesy of Molex

You can order your flexible circuit boards with a stiffener. The available thicknesses are: 0,075mm - 3,20mm.

Popular are the thicknesses0,30mmand0,20mm, e.g. forZIF connectors.

Polyimid-Stiffener: 0,025mm - 0,225mm

FR4-Stiffener: 0,075mm - 3,20mm

In the Flex PCB calculator the final thickness (incl. stiffener) is given.