without Via-in-Pad

with Via-in-Pad

The use of Via-in-Pad technology is increasingly influenced through the necessity of high-density BGAs (ball grid arrays) and the miniaturization of SMD chips.

With a reliable Via Filling / Capping process, without enclosures of chemicals, it is possible to produce high-density PCB designs with Via-in-Pad technology, avoiding soldering errors (see Filled & Capped Vias).

Amongst other things, this faciliates additional conductor traces for BGAs (marked red in the picture).

We use this technology for years now and know how to ensure a reliable and safe production process.

Additional advantages:

  • Improved thermal dissipation
  • Increased voltage capability of the via
  • Provides a flat, coplanar surface
  • Lower inductance due to no dog-bone pads with traces

Most economical are via-in-pad solutions with Ø ≥ 200 microns!

Via-in-Pad Parameters

 StandardSpecial productionSpecial production
 FillingStandardIPC 4761 Type VIISpecial productionIPC 4761 Type VIISpecial productionnone
 Min. Drill-ØStandard200µmSpecial production150µmSpecial production100µm
 Min. Pad-ØStandard400µmSpecial production350µmSpecial production300µm
 Max. Drill-ØStandard500µmSpecial production400µmSpecial production-
 Max. Pad-ØStandard700µmSpecial production600µmSpecial production-
 Min. PitchStandard600µmSpecial production550µmSpecial production500µm
 Aspect Ratio: ViaStandard1:12Special production1:12Special production1:10
 Aspect Ratio: Blind ViaStandard1:1Special production1:1Special production1:1


Pitch for Via-in-Pad applications

The minimum pitch for Via-in-Pad solutions is 600µm (standard technology).

This results of:

  • 200µm min. drill diameter
  • 400µm min. pad size
  •  50µm min. solder-stop clearance
  • 100µm min. solder-stop bridge


A via diameter of 100µm is possible, and results in a pitch of 500μm. Please contact our cam department in advance.


Workflow Via Plugging - drilling
Workflow Via Plugging - plating-through
Workflow Via Plugging - selective plugging
Workflow Via Plugging - hardening
Workflow Via Plugging - polishing
Workflow Via Plugging - plating-over
Workflow Via Plugging - etching
Workflow Via Plugging - solder-stop