Open style toroidal transformers

Open style transformers are delivered each with two rubber pads and a mounting plate. If there is only limited space in the design as planned, please note that in addition to the height of the transformer, about 5 to 6 mm must be allowed for the rubber pads and mounting plate.

Toroidal transformer open style
Toroidal transformer open style
Mounting plate and rubber pads

Standard specifications

The following table contains the standard specifications for open style transformers. These are to be seen only as examples: we manufacture each transformer strictly according to customer specifications.

P [VA]Ø [mm]h [mm]m [Kg]
P [VA]10Ø [mm]60h [mm]30m [Kg]0,4
P [VA]35Ø [mm]70h [mm]37m [Kg]0,5
P [VA]50Ø [mm]75h [mm]38m [Kg]0,7
P [VA]60Ø [mm]80h [mm]39m [Kg]0,8
P [VA]80Ø [mm]90h [mm]33m [Kg]1,0
P [VA]100Ø [mm]92h [mm]38m [Kg]1,1
P [VA]150Ø [mm]94h [mm]46m [Kg]1,5
P [VA]200Ø [mm]115h [mm]43m [Kg]2,0
P [VA]250Ø [mm]116h [mm]50m [Kg]2,3
P [VA]300Ø [mm]117h [mm]58m [Kg]2,4
P [VA]400Ø [mm]131h [mm]59m [Kg]3,3
P [VA]500Ø [mm]133h [mm]69m [Kg]3,8
P [VA]600Ø [mm]136h [mm]73m [Kg]4,4
P [VA]800Ø [mm]160h [mm]59m [Kg]5,4
P [VA]1000Ø [mm]165 h [mm]70m [Kg]6,6
P [VA]1500Ø [mm]180h [mm]78m [Kg]10

Examples are for 1 primary and 2 secondary coils. A larger number of secondary coils will lead to an increase in size!

Power rating limit

The power rating limit for open style transformers is 5000 VA.