PCB data types

PCB CAM data types

Multi-CB produces your PCBs directly from your data. Simply send us your Eagle, Target, KiCad or Sprint Layout data. The data import and export is done several times a day by our professional CAM engineers, and always performed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

But since there are unfortunately no DIN standards for PCB data, requests can occasionally occur when importing your data, delaying your PCB production.

You can avoid this if you export your data by yourself. The most common case is the Extended Gerber (RS-274X) format (including drilling data, e.g. Excellon or Sieb & Meyer); some newer programs already know the very good ODB ++ format or IPC-2581 respectively.

If you follow these guidelines and tips for common PCB layout programs and data export, you can produce and/or export clean data and thus avoid requests.

We naturally import your ODB++, Gerber-, KiCad-, OrCAD-, Target-, Eagle-, Altium-, IPC-2581-, DPF- and Sprint layout data free of charge!

Multi-CB parameters

For an optimal result, please define the free-of-charge high-tech parameters of Multi-CB:

  • Track-width / space: 0,1mm (100µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Annular ring: 0,1mm (100µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Drills: 0.2mm (200µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Via-Pad: 0,4mm (400µm) - free-of-charge ✓

This guarantees the best technology at the best price. The minimum possible values can be found here: Circuit board design parameters.


PCB layout software EAGLE Logo

The PCB layout program EAGLE was developed by Cadsoft and is now maintained by Autodesk. Here you will find the matching EAGLE tutorials and documentation.

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Target 3001

PCB software Target 3001! logo

The PCB layout program Target 3001 is developed by the engineering bureau of Harald FRIEDRICH. Instead of a manual, a continuously updated Target 3001 Wiki is offered.

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PCB layout software KiCad logo

The KiCad program is a complete project manager with a number of integrated modules, such as circuit diagram generation (Eeschema), circuit board layout (Pcbnew) or a Gerber Viever (GerbView). KiCad is open source, and thus available free of charge on the KiCad website.

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PCB layout software OrCAD logo

OrCAD is a program package distributed by Cadence Design Systems, which is used in the field of EDA for the development of electronic circuits. In Germany, Orcad is offered by FlowCAD EDA-Software Vertriebs GmbH.

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Sprint Layout

PCB software Sprint Layout logo

The PCB layout program Sprint Layout is developed by ABACOM. They also offer a Sprint Layout Forum in German, where English questions are also answered.

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Gerber Data

Extended Gerber RS-274X logo

Gerber Data is the "Swiss army knife of PCB production". Each CAM program worldwide can export Gerber data. And every PCB fabricator can use it (Gerber Data on Wikipedia).

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PCB ODB++ data logo

The ODB++ format (offered by Mentor) is today the de facto standard in PCB production. ODB ++ is, compared to the Gerber format, a fairly new data format that helps preventing many errors and data misinterpretation especially in printed circuit board manufacturing.

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PCB Altium logo

Altium Designer (formerly Protel) is an EDA program of Altium Limited for the development of printed circuit boards in electronics. Altium Designer includes the schematic input, a PCB Layout Editor with integrity analysis, and SPICE-based circuit simulation. In addition, the limited Altium CircuitStudio and the free version Altium CircuitMaker is offered.

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PCB IPC-2581 logo

The data format IPC-2581 has emerged from the XML-branch of ODB++. Recently this format, which is able to transport cross-process manufacturing information just like ODB++, is paid more attention to.

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DPF data format


The DPF data format (Dynamic Process Format) was developed by Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) to represent the individual layers of a printed circuit board.

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