Thick-Copper circuit boards

Thick-Copper PCB with 105µm Cu

Thick-Copper technology offers the possibility to implement complex switches in limited space in combination with circuitry for high current levels.

Multi-CB has reliable processes to produce copper layer thicknesses up to 400µm (also for multilayers).


  • High current applications
  • Thermal distribution for good thermal management
  • Heat dissipation of components with large power loss

Technical options for thick copper circuit boards

Outer layers

Final thickness*Min. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing
Final thickness*105µmMin. conductor width250µmMin. conductor spacing250µm
Final thickness*140µmMin. conductor width350µmMin. conductor spacing350µm
Final thickness*210µmMin. conductor width500µmMin. conductor spacing500µm
Final thickness*400µm**Min. conductor width900µmMin. conductor spacing900µm

Inner layers

Copper foil thickness Min. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing
Copper foil thickness 105µmMin. conductor width250µmMin. conductor spacing250µm
Copper foil thickness 140µm Min. conductor width300µmMin. conductor spacing300µm
Copper foil thickness 210µm Min. conductor width500µmMin. conductor spacing500µm
Copper foil thickness 400µm** Min. conductor width900µmMin. conductor spacing900µm

* after electroplating
** only on request