Special production circuit boards

PCB special production

The economical solution for printed circuit boards with high-tech options, e.g. 1 to 48 layers, lasered vias, via plugging, impedance control, etc.

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High-tech options

  • Sandwich buildup
  • Plated slots
  • Thick copper up to 450µm
  • Circuit board thicknesses up to 7mm
  • Depth milling (Z axis) and backdrill
  • Impedance control
  • Solder-stop: special colours and coatings
  • Aluminium core, with plated contacts
  • Peelable solder-stop
  • ...

Special board types

The following special circuit board types are available from Multi-CB:

Technical options for flexible circuit boards

Flexible circuit boards

Options Notes
OptionsDesign 1 to 10 layers, plated-throughNotesLayer buildup
OptionsConductor width min. 100µm Notes 
OptionsAnnular ring min. 100µm Notes 
OptionsVia min. Ø 150µm Notes 
OptionsSurfaces Chemical gold (recommended), immersion tin, HAL lead-freeNotesSurfaces
OptionsMaterials Polyimide, high Tg polyimideNotesMaterials
OptionsMaterial thickness starting at 25µm foil plus copperNotes 
OptionsCopper thickness from 18µmNotes 
OptionsStiffener 0,025µm - 3,20mmNotes 
OptionsMax. size 250mm x 450mmNoteslarger on request
OptionsCover Coverlay or flexible solder-stopNotes 
OptionsCover bridge Coverlay: ≥ 200µmNotes 
Options  Flex. solder-stop: ≥ 100µmNotes 
OptionsImpedance control Yes (10% tolerance)Notes 
OptionsAdhesive tape 3M 9077NotesMaterials

Technical options for Rigid-Flex circuit boards

Rigid-Flex circuit boards

Options Notes
OptionsLayers 2 to 24 layers, incl. "flying tails"NotesLayer buildup
OptionsConductor width min. 75µm Notes 
OptionsAnnular ring min. 125µm Notes 
OptionsVia min. Ø 100µm Notes 
OptionsSurfaces Chemical gold (recommended), immersion tin, HAL lead-freeNotesSurfaces
OptionsMaterials Polyimide, high Tg polyimide, FR4, FR4 high TgNotesMaterials
OptionsMaterial thickness Polyimide starting at 62µm doublesided, FR4 starting at 100µm Notes 
OptionsMax. size 250mm x 450mm Noteslarger on request
OptionsSolder-stop Coverlay or flexible solder-stop Notes 

Technical options for metal core circuit boards

Metal core circuit boards

1 layer

Options Notes
OptionsMaterial Aluminium core, FR4 prepregNotes Data sheets
OptionsMax. size 230mm x 380mm Notes 
OptionsAluminium thickness 1.5mm, 2.0mm Notes 
OptionsInitial copper 35µm (for 1.5mm), 140µm (for 2.0mm) Notes 
OptionsSurface HAL lead-free, chemical gold, immersion tin NotesSurfaces
OptionsRoHS compliant yes Notes 


Technical propertiesUnitKL HA50 (type2)TC-Lam 1.3KL (type3)Test method
Technical propertiesData sheetUnit-KL HA50 (type2)KL HA50TC-Lam 1.3TC-Lam 1.3KL (type3)KL HA50Test method-
Technical propertiesArea of applicationUnit-KL HA50 (type2)StandardTC-Lam 1.3StandardKL (type3)ExtendedTest method-
Technical propertiesThermal conductivity factorUnitW / m*kKL HA50 (type2)1.6TC-Lam 1.31.3KL (type3)2.2Test methodASTM-D 5470
Technical propertiesDielectric constant εrUnit(bei 1 MHz)KL HA50 (type2)5.3TC-Lam 1.3-KL (type3)5.5Test methodIEC-61189
Technical propertiesSurface resistanceUnitKL HA50 (type2)1.0 * 10^6TC-Lam 1.31.0 * 10^7KL (type3)1.0 * 10^6Test methodIEC-61189
Technical propertiesThermal durabilityUnitK / WKL HA50 (type2)-TC-Lam 1.30.77KL (type3)-Test methodASTM-E 1225
Technical propertiesGlass transition dielectric (Tg)Unit°CKL HA50 (type2)122TC-Lam 1.3100KL (type3)122Test methodIPC-TM150
Technical propertiesDielectric breakdown (AC)*UnitkVKL HA50 (type2)4.0 - 6.0TC-Lam 1.35.0KL (type3)4.0 - 6.0Test methodIPC-TM-650
Technical propertiesCTIUnitVKL HA50 (type2)600TC-Lam 1.3600KL (type3)600Test methodUL746A

* Depending ondielectric thickness,in this example100µm.

2 layers (plated-through)

Options Notes
OptionsMaterial Aluminium core, FR4 prepregNotesData sheets
OptionsMax. size 800mm x 800mmNotes 
OptionsAluminium thickness 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mmNotesin stock
Options  1.2mm, 2.0mmNotesOn request
OptionsBasis copper 18µm, 35µm, 70µmNotes 
OptionsSurface HAL lead-free, Chemical gold, immersion tinNotesSurfaces
OptionsRoHS compliant yesNotes 


Technical propertiesUnitCCAF-04CCAF-05Test method
Technical propertiesData sheetUnit-CCAF-04CCAF-04CCAF-05CCAF-05Test method-
Technical propertiesArea of applicationUnit-CCAF-04StandardCCAF-05ExtendedTest method-
Technical propertiesThermal conductivity factorUnitW / m*kCCAF-041.5CCAF-052.2Test methodASTM-D 5470
Technical propertiesDielectric constant εrUnit(bei 1 MHz)CCAF-044.2CCAF-054.24Test methodIEC-61189
Technical propertiesSurface resistanceUnitCCAF-045.0 * 10^7CCAF-053.68 * 10^7Test methodIEC-61189
Technical propertiesThermal durabilityUnitK / WCCAF-040.65CCAF-050.45Test methodASTM-E 1225
Technical propertiesGlass transition dielectric (Tg)Unit°CCCAF-04-CCAF-05-Test methodIPC-TM150
Technical propertiesDielectric breakdown (AC)*UnitkVCCAF-044.0CCAF-056.0Test methodIPC-TM-650
Technical propertiesCTIUnitVCCAF-04600CCAF-05600Test methodUL746A

* Depending ondielectric thickness,in this example100µm.

Technical options for High Freqency circuit boards

High Freqency circuit boards

Technical options for High-Tg circuit boards

High-Tg circuit boards

Material for High-Tg boardsPCB TgTgPCB CTE-zCTE-zPCB dielectric constantεrPCB electric strenghtElectric strenghtPCB surface resistivitySurface resistivityPCB tracing resistanceCTIPCB Td260Td260PCB Td288Td288PCB Td valueTd valuePCB peel strengthPeel strength
Material for High-Tg boards PCB TgTg°CPCB CTE-zCTE-zppm/°CPCB dielectric constantεr@1GHzPCB electric strenghtElectric strenghtKV/mmPCB surface resistivitySurface resistivityPCB tracing resistanceCTIPLCPCB Td260Td260minPCB Td288Td288minPCB Td valueTd value°CPCB peel strengthPeel strengthN/mm
Material for High-Tg boardsISOLA IS410
HTg, CAF-Enhanced
PCB TgTg180°PCB CTE-zCTE-z55PCB dielectric constantεr3,90PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght50PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity8,0 x 10^6PCB tracing resistanceCTIPLC 3PCB Td260Td26050PCB Td288Td28810PCB Td valueTd value350°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,2
Material for High-Tg boardsISOLA IS420
HTg, CAF-Enhanced
PCB TgTg170°PCB CTE-zCTE-z45PCB dielectric constantεr4,17PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght40PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity3,0 x 10^6PCB tracing resistanceCTIPLC 3PCB Td260Td26060PCB Td288Td28815PCB Td valueTd value350°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,3
Material for High-Tg boardsISOLA G200
PCB TgTg180°PCB CTE-zCTE-z55PCB dielectric constantεr3,70PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght45PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity2,2 x 10^6PCB tracing resistanceCTIPLC 3PCB Td260Td26060PCB Td288Td28810PCB Td valueTd value325°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,0
Material for High-Tg boardsShengyi S1000-2
PCB TgTg180°PCB CTE-zCTE-z45PCB dielectric constantεr4,80*PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght63PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity7,9 x 10^7PCB tracing resistanceCTIPLC 3PCB Td260Td26060PCB Td288Td28820PCB Td valueTd value345°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,4
Material for High-Tg boardsITEQ IT-180A
PCB TgTg175°PCB CTE-zCTE-z45PCB dielectric constantεr4,40PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght30PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity1 x 10^4PCB tracing resistanceCTI-PCB Td260Td26060PCB Td288Td28830PCB Td valueTd value345°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,0
Material for High-Tg boardsARLON 85N
Polyimide HTg
PCB TgTg250°PCB CTE-zCTE-z55PCB dielectric constantεr-PCB electric strenghtElectric strenght57PCB surface resistivitySurface resistivity1,6 x 10^9PCB tracing resistanceCTI-PCB Td260Td26060PCB Td288Td28860PCB Td valueTd value387°PCB peel strengthPeel strength1,2

*CAF - Conductive Anodic Filament: an undesirable conducting filament in the substrate of a circuit board

Technical options for thick copper circuit boards

Thick copper circuit boards

Outer layers

Final thickness*Min. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing
Final thickness*105µmMin. conductor width250µmMin. conductor spacing250µm
Final thickness*140µmMin. conductor width350µmMin. conductor spacing350µm
Final thickness*210µmMin. conductor width500µmMin. conductor spacing500µm
Final thickness*400µm**Min. conductor width900µmMin. conductor spacing900µm

Inner layers

Copper foil thickness Min. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing
Copper foil thickness 105µmMin. conductor width250µmMin. conductor spacing250µm
Copper foil thickness 140µm Min. conductor width300µmMin. conductor spacing300µm
Copper foil thickness 210µm Min. conductor width500µmMin. conductor spacing500µm
Copper foil thickness 400µm** Min. conductor width900µmMin. conductor spacing900µm

* after electroplating
** only on request