Circuit Board etching: Multi Circuit Boards

Circuit Board etching

In the production of printed circuit boards, etching is a central step in the process. This ensures that the excess copper is removed from the printed circuit board. The etching is carried out by means of a strongly alkaline solution.

After cleansing the copper surface, a light-sensitive film (resist) is applied in the clean room and exposed to the conductive pattern. Multi-CB has the latest laser direct exposures, which guarantee the lowest tolerances.

The resist now protects the desired conductor tracks in the subsequent etching process, only the unused copper is removed. Subsequently, the resist is removed by means of plasma stripping.

Multi Circuit Boards is a service provider specializing in the production of printed circuit boards in various designs. We process your circuit board - from drilling to exposure and etching to end- and impedance-control.

Ihre Leiterplatte ätzen wir nach höchsten technischen Standards

Häufig hört man, dass es kein Problem sei, selbst eine Prototyp-Leiterplatte zu ätzen. Diverse im Internet zu findende Anleitungen beschreiben, wie sich der Vorgang sogar in einem Privathaushalt umsetzen lässt. Auch wenn dies rein technisch gesehen durchaus stimmt, bedarf es hierzu der passenden Materialien sowie geeigneter Arbeitsräume. Außerdem bestehen aufgrund der Natur der Ätzflüssigkeit erhebliche Gesundheitsrisiken.

Schneller, bequemer und sicherer ist es also, diese Aufgabe einem Experten zu überlassen. Unsere Betriebsstrukturen sind ganz auf das Platinen herstellen ausgelegt, sodass wir für Sie Leiterplatten professionell ätzen können.

Your Circuit Board is etched to the highest technical standards

It is often heard that it is not a problem to etch a prototype circuit board by oneself. Various instructions are to be found on the Internet describing how the process can even be implemented in a private household. Even if this is absolutely true from a purely technical point of view, the right materials and appropriate workspaces are required. In addition, there are significant health risks due to the nature of the etching liquid.

It is therefore quicker, more comfortable and safer to leave this task to an expert. Our production structures are fully designed for the production of printed circuit boards, so that we can professionally etch circuit boards for you.

Circuit board etching - thorough, cost-efficient and timely

With Multi Circuit Boards, you have an experienced supplier at your side, who is well-versed in the etching of printed circuit boards and all related work steps. Our service is cost-effective and fast: Depending on the complexity of the order, we can realize production times starting at 48 hours. It goes without saying that we align ourselves exactly to your specifications when we etch your circuit board. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer advisors!