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The standard IPC-2581 for CAM data transfer arises from the ODB ++ format (originally developed by the company Valor) and IPC 2511B (GenCAM) and is based on XML structures. IPC-2581 is supported by a consortium of manufacturers and suppliers in the electronics industry, but is not yet accepted by many developers and manufacturers.

The manufacturer-independent data format provides (as well as ODB ++) a cross-company and cross-process CAD Flow: From PCB design to manufacturing, including details for tooling, manufacturing, assembly and inspection with only a single data format. It shall replace the currently most common Extended Gerber format.

This page is for information only about the data format IPC 2581. Like most PCB manufacturers worldwide, Multi-CB makes use of the ODB ++ format, which is a de facto standard in the printed circuit board manufacture.

We naturally import your ODB++, Gerber-, KiCad-, Target-, Eagle-, Altium-, IPC-2581-, DPF- and Sprint layout data free of charge! Instead of the uncommon IPC-2581 format we recommend ODB ++ data!

What is included in IPC-2581 format

The format includes: Information about layer build-up, copper structures per layer, order of build-up, material information, drilling data and test points with the respective electrical network names and part lists of the components, including the coordinates and rotation information for the placement and information for a variant-specific assembly.

In addition to that, all the necessary steps can be documented with one single record.

History of IPC-2581

The format IPC-2581 results from the standard IPC-2511B (2002) and the XML branch of ODB++. It was published first in May 2012 as IPC- 2581A and has since undergone one revision: IPC-2581B (Oct 2013).

Under the direction of Cadence Design Systems, a group of 40 companies has declared its willingness to participate actively in the development of the standard. The driving forces in these companies are large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Fujitsu, NVIDIA, Ericsson, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Velux, among others, which produce worldwide many complex printed circuit boards and see in this new format, the chance to avoid mistakes and above all to save money.

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