SMD-Stencils (solder paste and adhesive stencils) are an absolute necessity for SMT circuit board assembly. SMD stencils from Multi-CB are manufactured using laser technology, which ensures a constant process quality through its high level of precision. 

Our SMD-Stencils fulfil the most stringent quality requirements with optimal register accuracy and cutting precision. The precise axial tolerance of ± 2µm and a repeat accuracy of ± 3µm offers optimal conditions for solder paste printing, even for the smallest high-tech components

In addition, the pads on laser-cut stencils have a slightly conical opening towards the circuit board side, thus providing for optimal release behaviour for the solder paste.

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Always Inclusive

The following services are already included with Multi-CB:

  • Production time 2 WD
  • Unlimited pads
  • Design Rule Check
  • Thickness 100µm to 150µm
  • 100 characters of text
  • 8 fiducial marks
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pad manipulation
  • Final treatment: double-sided brushing


Optional possibilities:

Technical information

  • Stainless steel material in thicknesses 80µm, 100µm, 120µm, 130µm, 150µm, 200µm, and 250µm
  • Maximum size 600mm x 600mm
  • Slightly conical opening towards the circuit board (better releasing of the paste)
  • Laser technology

Stencil mounting

On request we will apply the necessary perforation to your stencil for loading into all popular, license-free quick-tension systems and self mounting systems. Available systems include:

  • QuattroFlex
  • ZelFlex
  • etc

Please send us a data sheet for the tension frame with your order, or contact us.


PropertyAxial toleranceTolerance± 2µm
PropertyRepeat accuracyTolerance± 3µm