Layer buildups for PCB series

For layer buildups of circuit board series you may use any combination of available prepregs and cores with a moderate surcharge. Please observe rules for layer buildups. We would be happy to advise you.

We have following versions of prepregs and cores in stock, therefore making use of those should not extend the production time.Please note that nonstandard buildups, as well as multiple pressing processes lead to a price adjustment.

For 4, 6 and 8 layers, we recommend defined layer buildups as the most favorable solution.

Standard prepregs

The use of the following prepregs permits a standard layer buildup:

TypeTypical thickness
Type1080Typical thickness78µm
Type2116Typical thickness120µm
Type7628Typical thickness180µm

Standard cores

The use of the following cores permits a standard layer buildup:

ThicknessCopper thickness
Thickness100µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness150µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness200µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness300µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness350µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness500µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness700µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness1000µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm
Thickness1200µmCopper thickness35µm/35µm