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Quality control

In addition to dependability and friendly service, the quality of our products is of primary concern to us. This begins as soon as your data arrives, with our comprehensive Design Rule Check.

We also carry out stringent tests and inspections during and after PCB production:

The testing of our SMD stencils includes:

  • Real-Time Process Control, monitors the cutting process for every aperture in real time
  • optical (sight) check

Toroidal transformers are checked both optically and electronically; checks include:

  • open-circuit and disruptive voltage
  • length of the litz wires
  • sufficient overlapping of the isolation foil

Official Directives

Multi-CB is committed to the safety of the environment and health. In this context, we strictly observe the control and restriction of chemicals / substances prescribed by laws and authorities.

With the position statements and declarations of conformity we support our customers to ensure the conformity of their products to national and international law.

Multi-CB Official Directives