Prices for SMD-Stencils

SMD-Stencil price

The Multi-CB online-calculator allows you to calculate the price of your SMD-Stencils and Circuit Boards and quickly and easily!

SMD-Stencil from € 9,90  (e.g. 100mm x 140mm)

Standard production time: 1WD

Unlimited Pads!

We offer high-precision SMD-Stencils made of stainless steel, from 1 working day standard. Always inclusive are unlimited pads as well as the finishing treatment double-sided brushing / deburring.


Always Inclusive

Following services are already included with Multi-CB:

  • Production time 1 WD
  • Unlimited pads
  • Design Rule Check
  • Thickness 100µm - 120µm
  • half lasered text on the stencil
  • 8 fiducial marks
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Pad manipulation
  • Double-sided brushing / deburring


Optional possibilities:

Calculator advantages

Printed Circuit Board prices assistant

With the Multi-CB PCB Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate prices and production times of:

Through pooling, versatile PCB options can be offered without surcharge.
For Rigid-Flex circuit boards, please use our Rigid-Flex request form.

Your personal order assistant

Calulation, Order, Re-order, save and manage quotations, order tracking, manage billing and delivery addresses.

Useful features

Automatic import of the most important parameters from the PCB data into the online calculator. This optional first step in the ordering process saves manual entry. The circuit board data is simply uploaded using drag & drop. The readable parameters are imported directly into the PCB calculator, e.g. Name, size, number of layers, min. conductor width/space, min. hole, solder stop. Data transmission encrypted using TLS guarantees maximum security.

Real-time check for plausibility of the entered parameters. If necessary, possible conflicts are pointed out (e.g. ratio of min. hole diameter to PCB thickness, aspect ratio) and alternatives are offered. This saves a possible query from the CAM engineers.

Integrated panel configurator creates a delivery panel based on the individual printed circuit board with few inputs. A clear panel preview dynamically shows the result of the entries.

Price matrix shows working days and costs according to your own wishes. So the most attractive offer can be chosen.