Prices for SMD-Stencils

SMD-Stencil Calculator

The Multi-CB online-calculator allows you to calculate the price of your SMD-Stencils and Circuit Boards and quickly and easily!

SMD-Stencil from € 33,80*

Standard production time: 2WD

Unlimited Pads!

We offer high-precision SMD-Stencils made of stainless steel, from 24 hours express. Always inclusive are unlimited pads as well as the finishing treatment double-sided brushing.


SMD-Calculator advantages

With the Multi-CB SMD Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate prices and production and times of:

  • SMD-Stencils
  • PCB prototypes
  • PCB series
  • PCB sacing option
  • Flexible PCBs

Your personal order assistant

Calulation, Order, Re-order, manage quotations, order tracking

Special circuit boards

  • Rigid-Flex boards
  • Metal core boards

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SMD-Calculator, PCB-Calculator, Re-order, Order acc. to quotation

Always inclusive

  • 2 working days
  • Unlimited pads
  • Design Rule Check
  • Thickness optional:

    • 100 µm (standard)
    • 120 µm
    • 130 µm
    • 150 µm

  • 100 characters text (half lasered)
  • 8 fiducials
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Finishing treatment: double-sided brushing
  • Pad manipulation