SMD solder paste

SMD solder-paste for PCB assembly

In our PCB online calculator you can directly order high quality solder paste for reflow soldering of SMD components, as well as high quality SMD-Stencils made of stainless steel and SMD-Stencil-Printers in different price ranges.

For stencil printing you can obtain lead-free, temperature-stable, No Clean solder paste (SAC305) with a very good lifetime from Felder and Loctite in containers of 100g and 500g in grain size T4 (suitable for Finepitch) from Multi-CB.

Receive everything in one package and assemble immediately with fresh solder paste.

Solder paste - available types

SMD solder paste ISO-Cream "Active-Clear" T4 100g

Universal solder paste, storable at room temperature

SMD solder paste from Felder

The FELDER ISO-Cream® "Active-Clear" differs from the basic version ISO-Cream® "Clear" in the degree of activation. The ISO-Cream® "Active-Clear" has a REL1 flux classification and therefore has a low halogen content (<0.15 %) but is still a genuine NoClean paste. In addition to the properties of the basic version ISO-Cream "Clear", special attention was paid in this further development to an optimized spread, especially on "problematic" surfaces such as chem. Gold (ENIG) or chem. Silver.

ISO-Cream®"Active-Clear" offers the user the possibility to also work with a moderate print image or with more oxidized surfaces of PCB and components and still achieve excellent soldering results. The soldering paste is also low in odor and forms almost colorless flux residues, which spread only to a very limited extent. This is particularly interesting for users who have integrated an automatic optical inspection (AOI) into their process.

In addition, ISO-Cream® "Active-Clear" is also free of any thixotropic agents that could reduce viscosity with increasing shear forces. This guarantees a constant viscosity over a long period of use. In laboratory tests the solder paste showed no bridging, no tendency to tombstoning or solder bead formation on bipolar components.


  • Shelf life 12 months at room temperature, no storage in refrigerator necessary.
  • Very good soldering results due to the degree of activation, tolerant towards a moderate print image and towards more strongly oxidized surfaces of PCB and components.
  • Consistent viscosity over a long application period.
  • Among others, it is ideally suited for stencil printing with reflow process.

Technical data

PropertiesISO-Cream "Active-Clear
PropertiesCompositionISO-Cream "Active-Clear96.5% tin, 3% silver, 0.5% copper (SAC305)
PropertiesGrain sizeISO-Cream "Active-ClearType 4
PropertiesRecommended min. edge length of the stencil apertureISO-Cream "Active-Clear200µm
PropertiesRecommended stencil thicknessISO-Cream "Active-Clear100-150µm
PropertiesPackage sizeISO-Cream "Active-Clear100g
PropertiesLead-freeISO-Cream "Active-ClearYes, RoHS compliant
PropertiesNo-CleanISO-Cream "Active-ClearYes
PropertiesHalogen contentISO-Cream "Active-Clearvery low, REL1 < 0,15%, for halogen free see Loctite
PropertiesEN ISO 9454ISO-Cream "Active-Clear1.2.3.2
PropertiesMetal contentISO-Cream "Active-Clear88,5%
PropertiesShelf lifeISO-Cream "Active-Clear12 months at room temperatur (up to 20°C), for easier storage, see Loctite
PropertiesTransportISO-Cream "Active-ClearWe ship with cooling pack in hot summer and with insulation fleece in freezing winter. In the critical seasons, UPS Express Saver shipping is highly recommended, for easier transport see Loctite

SMD solder paste Loctite GC 10 T4 500g

Universal solder paste, storable at 5 - 25°C for 12 months,

SMD solder paste Loctite

LOCTITE® GC 10 is a halogen free, zero halogens added, No-Clean, low voiding, Pb-free solder paste specially formulated to provide added long term stability over a wide range of temperature conditions. The enhanced paste stability created through its novel formulation strategy increases both field application yields and on-line paste utilization.

LOCTITE GC 10 also shows excellent solderability when reflowed in both air and nitrogen across a wide range of challenging surface finishes and component metallizations including immersion Ag, OSP-Cu, ENIG and CuNiZn. It supports excellent reflow to overcome industry wide HiP and NWO challenges. The new flux chemistry protects the solder joint longer, improves coalescence and optimizes wetting performance, allowing for very shiny solder joints.

LOCTITE GC 10 is suitable for use with industry standard SAC alloys.

Shelf life: The manufacturer guarantees 50% on delivery. The European distributor guarantees at least 25%, i.e. 3 months. In addition, the solder paste is stored at Multi-CB. Multi-CB aims to store the solder paste for no longer than 1 month. This results in a guaranteed shelf life of at least 2 months. Usually, however, the solder paste has a much longer remaining shelf life.


  • Temperature stable solderpaste: 12 months storable at 5 - 25°C, or 1 month at 40°C
  • No Clean, Halogen-free und lead-free
  • Among others, it is ideally suited for stencil printing with reflow process

Technical data

PropertiesLoctite GC 10
PropertiesCompositionLoctite GC 1096.5% tin, 3% silver, 0.5% copper (SAC305)
PropertiesGrain sizeLoctite GC 10Type 4
PropertiesRecommended min. edge length of the stencil apertureLoctite GC 10200µm
PropertiesRecommended stencil thicknessLoctite GC 10100-150µm
PropertiesPackage sizeLoctite GC 10500g, (for 100g see Felder)
PropertiesLead-freeLoctite GC 10Yes, RoHS compliant
PropertiesNo-CleanLoctite GC 10Yes
PropertiesHalogen contentLoctite GC 10No, Halogen-free (ROL0)
PropertiesMetal contentLoctite GC 1088,5%
PropertiesPrinting propertiesLoctite GC 10Down to 0,3mm pitch
Up to 72 hours stencil life
Up to 24 hours abandon time
PropertiesShelf lifeLoctite GC 1012 months at 5 - 25°C (+/- 1,5°C)
1 month at max. 40°C
PropertiesTransportLoctite GC 10In freezing winter, we ship with insulation fleece.