DPF data format


The DPF data format (Dynamic Process Format) was developed by Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) to represent the individual layers of a printed circuit board. Ucamco also holds the rights to the Gerber format and has further developed it into Gerber X2 / Gerber X3. Multi-CB still prefers the DPF, Extended Gerber or Gerber X2 format since Gerber X3 still allows misinterpretations.

The DPF data format includes the design of printed circuit board layers (such as conductors, solder pads, vias, etc.) as well as additional information, e.g.

  • electrical net list
  • embedded aperture definitions
  • reverse objects
  • contour for outline description
  • block apertures to represent Step & Repeat items

We naturally import your ODB++, Gerber-, KiCad-, OrCAD-, Target-, Eagle-, Altium-, IPC-2581-, DPF- and Sprint layout data free of charge!