The following tools for Microsoft Windows operating system are intended to assist you in your daily work.


Teamviewer Logo

Our Live-Action Support software Teamviewer helps to quickly and easily clear up any technical problems in your circuit board layout in cooperation with our CAM engineers.

Using Teamviewer, you can observe the monitor directly with our CAM engineers via Internet. You can see exactly what we see, and can resolve problems while reviewing the production data.

Download Teamviewer (1,4MB)

Gerbv - open source Gerber viewer

Gerbv is an open source Gerber file viewer. Gerbv lets you import and check Gerber data, do measurements on the displayed image and load Excellon drill files as well as pick&place files. The project page on: sourceforge.

Download Gerbv 2.6A (11MB)


CAMVu 9 - Downstream Technologies Logo

© 1995-2006 Advanced CAM Technologies / DownStream Technologies
A viewer for E-CAM files (up to Version 8). Using CAMVu, you can display and print .PCB and .CAM files. It is not possible to edit, save, or export the data.

Download CAMVu 9 (7MB)


© 1987-2013 GraphiCode Inc.
GC PREVUE supports many popular formats for manufacturing data, including Gerber-X (RS-274X), Gerber-D (RS-274D), DPF (Barco), Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, HPGL, and HPGL2. The data may be displayed and printed. The newest program version can be downloaded at

Download page for GC Prevue

[11.2021: GC PREVUE now costs $ 65 a year]

isoStack® - Multilayer calculations

The isoStack® Stackup Designer from ISOLA supports circuit board designers in the calculation of:

  • Stackup
  • Thickness of multilayers
  • Dielectric constants
  • Resin contents
  • Isolation spacing

1) Access isoStack® Calculator from ISOLA

2) After a short registration, you can start a "New" stackup

TRC 100 1.12 – calculation of conductor trace resistances

Polar Logo

© Polar Instruments Inc.
The TRC100 program from Polar Instruments is useful free utility that immediately calculates the conductor trace resistance (in Ohm), once the user has entered the conductor trace cross section, the length, and the material.

Download TRC 100 1.12 (3MB)

LTspice - simulation software

LTspice logo

LTspice from Linear Technology is a free and powerful universal simulator for analog circuits. The software is based on SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) and can handle SPICE models of many electronic components.


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7zip Logo

The 7zip application is a free (open source software) data compression program (packer), which can be used to compress multiple project files before transmitting them to us.

Download 7zip

Adobe Reader

The most popular program to display and print PDF documents.

Download Adobe Reader