Sprint Layout

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If you create your circuit board layout with the Sprint Layout program from ABACOM, please observe the following tips. Basically, it makes sense to use all the prescribed standard-layers of sprint Layout.

We are happy to take care of generating the production data (Extended Gerber) for you. You just have to send us your *.lay file along with your order. All further steps are taken care of by our CAM engineers.

We naturally import your ODB++, Gerber-, KiCad-, OrCAD-, Target-, Eagle-, Altium-, IPC-2581-, DPF- and Sprint layout data free of charge!

Multi-CB parameters

For an optimal result, please define the free-of-charge high-tech parameters of Multi-CB:

  • Track-width / space: 0,1mm (100µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Annular ring: 0,1mm (100µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Drills: 0.2mm (200µm) - free-of-charge ✓
  • Via-Pad: 0,4mm (400µm) - free-of-charge ✓

This guarantees the best technology at the best price. The minimum possible values can be found here: Circuit board design parameters.

Standard layers

To convert your Sprint Layout files, we use the standard layers. Please specify any variations or extended layer specifications with your order.

Layer typeNameLayerNotes
Layer typeTOPNameCopper TopLayerC1Notes 
Layer typeBOTNameCopper Bot LayerC2Notes 
Layer typeInner layer 1NameCopper Inner 1LayerI1Notes 
Layer typeInner layer 2NameCopper Inner 2LayerI2Notes 
Layer typeViasNameDrillsLayerDrillsNotesPTH
Layer typeDrills (non-plated-through)NameHolesLayerHolesNotesNPTH
Layer typeContour & MillingNameOutlineLayerONotesline width 1mil (25µm)
Layer typeScoringName LayerONotes 
Layer typeSolder-stop TOPNameSolder maskLayerC1 Solder maskNotes 
Layer typeSolder-stop BOTNameSolder maskLayerC2 Solder maskNotes 
Layer typeMarking print TOPNameSilkscreen TopLayerS1Notes 
Layer typeMarking print BOTNameSilkscreen Bot LayerS2Notes 
Layer typeSMD Stencil TOP NameSMD maskLayerC1 SMD maskNotes 
Layer typeSMD Stencil BOTNameSMD maskLayerC2 SMD maskNotes 

Gerber Export

Gerber data export with Sprint Layout
Drill data export with Sprint Layout

If you want to make the Gerber export by yourself, please use the default settings of Sprint-Layout. In the example image: 2 layer PCB.

Please do not choose "mirror" in any case. See also layer orientation.

Offset of solder mask
Please set the offset (or clearance) of the solder mask to 0.05 mm (50µm), this is the minimum tolerance where no solder mask is applied to the solder pad. The value should not be (much) larger as well, so that fine-pitch components have still a solder mask bridge between the pads. If in doubt please simply leave 0.000 mm, the value is then optimized in the pre-production of our CAM station!

Offset of SMD mask
An adjustment of the SMD mask can be made by us. You can choose this in our SMD Stencil calculator. Otherwise, simply enter the desired values​​.

Export Drill data
Please leave the default settings and choose format as 2.4 inches, which includes most decimal places.

Checking of Gerberdata

Gerbv logo

In addition to our free import service for your data, you can also export your own Gerber data. Please use Gerber RS-274X.

Your exported Gerber files can be checked and printed with the freeware Gerbv or GC PREVUE. This allows testing if everything was exported correctly.

Gerbv and GC PREVUE can be found on our download page.