Printed Circuit Boards Technology

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At Multi-CB, you can buy a complete range of high quality printed circuit boards.

Whether prototype boards, circuit boards in series or special production: quality and dependability are our primary concern, and we include many high-tech options as standards.

Benefit from the best price for pooling with fixed options.

Technical capabilities:


 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Rigid circuit boardsPCB-Calculator1 to 10 layersSpecial production1 to 48 layersNotes 
 Flexible circuit boardsPCB-Calculator1 to 2 layersSpecial production1 to 10 layersNotesPTH possible
 Rigid-Flex circuit boardsPCB-Calculator-Special production+Notes 
 Metal core circuit boardsPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesPTH possible
 High frequency circuit boardsPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 High Tg circuit boardsPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 Thick copper circuit boardsPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 

Layer buildup

 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Variable layer buildupPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 Defined layer buildupPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesDef. layer buildup
 Custom layer buildupPCB-CalculatorPrice inquirySpecial production+NotesPrice request possible in calculator

Production times

 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Standard starting atPCB-Calculator4WDSpecial production8WDNotes 
 Express service starting atPCB-Calculator1WDSpecial production1WDNotes 


 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Conductor width / spacing min.PCB-Calculator100µm/100µmSpecial production75µm/105µm
 Vias min. ØPCB-Calculator200µmSpecial production75µmNotesAspect ratio 1:12
 Via pads min. ØPCB-Calculator400µmSpecial production225µm Notes 
 Via annular rings min.PCB-Calculator100µmSpecial production75µm Notes 
 Component annular rings min.PCB-Calculator200µmSpecial production200µm Notes 
 Blind vias min. ØPCB-Calculator200µmSpecial production75µmNotesAspect ratio 1:1
 Buried vias min. ØPCB-Calculator200µmSpecial production150µmNotesAspect ratio 1:10
 Press fit technologyPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Custom layer buildupPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 SideplatingPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesMetal-plated edges
 Half-holesPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Tented viasPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesVias covered
 Plugged viasPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesVias closed
 Filled viasPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesVias filled
 Filled & capped viasPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesVias filled and metallized
 Copper outer layers max.PCB-Calculator105µmSpecial production450µm Notes 
 Copper inner layers max.PCB-Calculator70µmSpecial production105µm Notes 
 Min. thicknessPCB-Calculator0,5mmSpecial production0,3mmNotes 
 Max. thicknessPCB-Calculator3,2mmSpecial production7,0mmNotes 
 Max. size 1 or 2 layersPCB-Calculator10dm²Special production600mm x 1100mm Notes 
 Max. size multilayerPCB-Calculator10dm²Special production590mm x 1000mm Notes 
 Max. size Rigid-FlexPCB-Calculator-Special production560 x 400mm Notes 
 Circuit board min. sizePCB-Calculator15 x 15mmSpecial production10 x 10mm Notes 


 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Lead-free HALPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Lead/tin HALPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Copper (blank)PCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Immersion tinPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Immersion silverPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Immersion gold (ENIG)PCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Bonded gold, gold wirePCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Bonded gold / aluminium wirePCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 ENEPIGPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 Gold-fingersPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
  PCB-Calculator Special production Notes 
 Solder-stop greenPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 > Solder-stop clearance min.PCB-Calculator75µmSpecial production50µmNotes 
 > Solder-stop bridge min.PCB-Calculator100µmSpecial production100µmNotes 
 Solder-stop whitePCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Solder-stop redPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Solder-stop bluePCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Solder-stop blackPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 > Solder-stop coloured    clearance min.PCB-Calculator75µmSpecial production75µmNotes 
 > Solder-stop coloured    bridge min.PCB-Calculator150µmSpecial production150µmNotes 
  PCB-Calculator Special production Notes 
 Marking print whitePCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Marking print yellowPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Marking print blackPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
  PCB-Calculator Special production Notes 
 Carbon printPCB-Calculator-Special production+ Notes 


 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 Milling min. ØPCB-Calculator2mmSpecial production0,8mm Notes 
 Milling special shapesPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Inner millingPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Z-axis millingPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 ScoringPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 Jump scoringPCB-Calculator+Special production+ Notes 
 BackdrillPCB-Calculator-Special production+ Notes 


 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 FR4 Tg 135°CPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 FR4 HTg 150°CPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 FR4 HTg 170°CPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 FR4 HTg 180°CPCB-Calculator-Special production+Notes 
 FR4 KF (CTI 400)PCB-Calculator-Special production+Notes 
 Rogers 4350BPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 G200PCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 P97PCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 PTFE (Teflon)PCB-Calculator-Special production+Notes 
 PolyimidePCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 Metal core 1 layerPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 
 Metal core 2 layersPCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 

Quality controls

 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 E-TestPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesIncluded (from 2 layers)
 A.O.I.PCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesIncluded for multi-layers
 X-rayPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesIncluded for multi-layers
 MicrosectionPCB-Calculator Special production NotesOn request
 Impedance controlPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesPrecision up to 5% for 50 Ohms
 UL compliancePCB-Calculator+Special production+Notes 

UL certificate

 PCB-CalculatorSpecial productionNotes
 PCB Prototypes & SeriesPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesUL Listing
 Flexible circuit boards 1-10 layersPCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesUL Listing
 Rigid-Flex circuit boardsPCB-Calculator-Special production+NotesUL Listing
 Metal core 1+2 layers (PTH)PCB-Calculator+Special production+NotesUL Listing

Our PCB service

As a special service, Multi-CB offers you the PCB calculator, with which you can quickly and easily calculate the price of a Printed Circuit Board or SMD-Stencil!

This gives our customers the opportunity to put together their own circuit board configurations in the calculator. Extensive technical requirements can be implemented: For example, we can supply you with any circuit board with up to 48 layers - as a prototype or alternatively in small, medium or large series.

In order to save time and costs, however, it should always be ensured that the respective board is configured and executed correctly, for example in relation to the layer orientation. If you need support, our Design-Aid is available to help you create a faultless PCB layout.

Maximum know-how on Printed Circuit Boards

Calculate and request your new PCB right here from Multi-CB. As a professional provider for companies, you can rely on us to ensure that your order and production run smoothly. The extensive know-how of our employees ensures that buying printed circuit boards is made as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Comprehensive guidance on Printed Circuit Boards

If a circuit board cannot be calculated automatically, you will usually receive an individually tailored quotation on the same day of your request. And should you have any questions, such as the producibility of the printed circuit board, you can always count on us to provide you with detailed and competent advice. You will see: Multi-CB is your technically competent and reliable partner in PCB production.

Expert-Hotline: +49 (0)8104 628 0 / +44 (0)1425 489 111

We also pay particular attention to data preparation and testing of the finished plates as well as a timely dispatch:

All data is put through its paces by our CAM engineers before production. If there are any discrepancies, we will contact you immediately. The latest technologies and machines are used in production, e.g. Laser Direct Imaging (LDI), Camera Controlled Drilling (CCD) and Optical Innerlayer registration (OIR). After production, we check the panels free of charge using E-Test, X-RAY layer offset control and A.O.I. for multilayers. Our standard production time from 4 working days ensures that you will receive your order within a very short time. If we are to fulfill a particularly time-critical order for you, you can also take advantage of the 24-hour express service.

If you are interested in the topic of Multi-CB circuit boards, we will give you comprehensive advice on our products and the implementation of your project. Calculate the price and delivery time of your individual PCB now or contact us.

We look forward to you!