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Impedance Control

Especially for quick switching parts with signal rise times of 1 to 2ns, the signal integrity must be guaranteed through good impedance characteristics in the conductor trace connections.

For today's popular multilayers, tolerances of 5% to 10% can be guaranteed by designing layer buildup and layout. Tolerance requirements of customers are checked for producibility at Multi-CB before production.

Depending on the PCB layer buildup, the layout and the customer's requested impedances a calculation model is chosen. The results are possibly necessary modifications of the layer buildup and the necessary adjustments to the relevant conductor geometries.

The impedance of a PCB is largely determined by the following parameters:

  • Distance of signal layer and potential
  • Conductor geometry
  • Trackwidth
  • Copper thickness
  • Permittivity εr

Compliance with the impedance values ​​is then checked against a dedicated test coupon for each production panel: All different Z0 values ​​of the layers are measured and logged.

Your advantage: Impedance control at Multi-CB with up to 5% tolerance! Production from 4WD!
Use our Impedance-Calculator to estimate your impedances.