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1-Click SMD-Stencil from €9,90

Simply add to the PCB in the online calculator. All high tech options already included:

PCB online calculator

Hightech makes it possible

Our high-performance laser systems for SMD stencils meet the highest quality standards with optimum cutting quality and low axial deviation of only ± 2µm.

Thanks to the carbon fiber axis setup, the cutting speed per system is a realistic 20.000 pads per hour.

The high level of precision and a constant process quality provide an optimal prerequisite for solder paste printing even for the smallest hightech components.

The Real-Time Process Control system recognizes a possible deviation from the production data and automatically adjusts the cutting parameters for an optimal result.

For better handling, your SMD-Stencil is labeled with the name of the PCB and orientation (TOP / BOT) on the advantageous squeegee side. Due to the laser cutting process, the pads also have a slightly conical opening to the PCB side. This ensures optimum release behavior of the paste.

Your advantage - finishing treatment deburring on both sides:   

  • Deburring helps to avoid solder bridges
  • Deburring avoids time-consuming reworking
  • Deburring prolongs the cleaning cycle
  • Deburring improves the release behavior of the solder paste 

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