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230€ SMD-Stencil printer for double-sided assembly

NEW: Innovative, ingeniously simple SMD stencil printer for double-sided assembly with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Now available in the PCB Accessories Shop.

This manual stencil printer, SMT-PCB-A4 from khs-instruments, is the result of decades of experience in assembling small series and numerous improvement steps. It has existed in its current version since 2017.

SMD stencil printer for printed circuit board assembly

Your advantages:

  • Economical solution for double-sided assembly
  • Particularly suitable for PCBs with small and medium dimensions.
  • No mounting holes required, neither for the PCB nor for the stencil.
  • The stencil is mounted quickly and easily without any additional accessories (see product video SMD-Stencil printer).
  • Suitable for printing on PCB thicknesses of 1.55mm or 1mm. Other PCB thicknesses are not possible.
  • Suitable for single and double-sided SMD assembly.
  • Due to the unrolling of the stencil only low detaching forces on the PCB.
  • SMD components on the bottom side can be placed very close to the edge of the PCB by using only a part of the contact surface of the PCB holder.
  • The individual elements of the stencil printer are manufactured with high precision so that the stencil lies optimally on the PCB.
  • The repeatability is determined by the accuracy of the PCB contour, which experience has shown to be very good. Only occasional stencil readjustment is necessary in between the printing of the PCBs.
  • Manual positioning of the X, Y and theta axes on the extremely flat surface results in negligible set-up time of a few minutes.
  • Long service life due to a stainless-steel base plate and anodised aluminium.
  • Due to the small dimensions, only little space is required in the laboratory.
  • Suitable for Multi-CB 1-Click stencils.

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