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Automatic import of your CAD file in the PCB calculator

Optional automatic import of your CAD file in the PCB calculator saves time and prevents incorrect entries. EAGLE, KiCad and Target are currently supported.

Simply upload your CAD file using drag & drop and the most important parameters are transferred directly into the PCB calculator, e.g. name, size, number of layers, min. track width, min. hole, solder-stop. Fields that are filled in are automatically marked in blue.

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1) Upload CAD file

PCB CAD Import

Simply upload your data using drag & drop.
TLS encryption for maximum security.

2) Important parameters are imported automatically


Fields that are imported automatically are marked in blue.
Saves time and avoids mistakes. Helps to avoid technical queries.

As usual, the CAD file is fully checked by our CAM engineers after ordering. This Design Rule Check (DRC) avoids possible reclamations for the customer.

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