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Defined layer buildup for 4, 6 and 8 layers - free of charge

Available now in our PCB calculator: Defined layer buildups for 4, 6 and 8 layers of multilayer PCBs. Ideal for impedance approximations (e.g. prototype) where a tested impedance (special production) is not necessary. All layer structures and advantages here!

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Defined layer buildup - 4 layers: type 4L-01

Defined layer buildup - 4 layers

Defined layer buildup - 6 layers: type 6L-01

 Defined layer buildup - 6 layers

 Defined layer buildup - 8 layers: Type 8L-01

Defined layer buildup - 8 layers

Defined layer buildup - your advantages with Multi-CB

  1. FR4 Tg150 at no extra charge for multilayers.
  2. High-quality, process-reliable and at the same time standard prepregs: high quality and long-term reliability of the circuit boards.
  3. Selectable with one click in the PCB online calculator. If you order by email, please include the buildup type (e.g. 4L-01) or send a screenshot of buildup.
  4. The layer buildups allow low copper utilization on the inner layers and can therefore be implemented for most customer layouts. The buildups are therefore suitable as a general recommendation, even before the final layout is determined.
  5. Shorter production time than the custom layer buildup (special production).
  6. Well suited for impedance applications on the outer layers and inner layers.
  7. Simple implementation of HDI, blind and buried vias (aspect ratio).