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New features in the PCB calculator

Our success enables high investments in automation and continuously improved technologies. This is how we always guarantee our customers the best service.

Three new features have already been implemented for you since the beginning of this year:

1. Defined layer buildup for 4 layers without surcharge

For certain applications it is necessary that the isolation thicknesses between the layers are defined, e.g. for impedances.

For 4 layers, Multi-CB offers the adjacent defined High-Tech layer buildup without surcharge.

PCB standard layer buildup

4 layer PCB defined layer buildup

Layer buildup, through thin outer layers, optimized for:

  • Better signal integrity
  • Space savings through narrower tracks for impedance control
  • Easy realization of 0.2mm blind vias (aspect ratio)

2. PCB panel configurator

With just a few inputs, you can configure your panel.

In addition, a full-scale preview of your pcb panel is displayed within the order process. No additional panel-drawing / -release is necessary. This saves you time!

The function is available for all common multipliers.

PCB panel configurator

3. Copy PCB specification

With just a single click you copy the specification (dimension, layers, etc.) of an existing article directly into our calculator.

"Copy PCB specification" is available in "My Account" for Printed Circuit Board and SMD-Stencil orders and reorders.

Copy PCB specification

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