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Price reduction for high-tech PCBs up to -41%

Benefit from low prices due to increased automation. Permanent price reduction for areas up to 2m² (e.g. 250 PCBs 80x100mm).

Maximum price reduction in the range of 0.1 - 0.3m², e.g. 20 PCBs 80x100mm 2-layer -41%.

<figure class="table">
1 layerup to -38%
2 layersup to -41%
4 layersup to -30%
6 layersup to -34%
8 layersup to -38%
</figure> PCB series d

Always inclusive: 0.1mm tracks and 0.2mm drilling, surface HAL lead-free or ENIG (6 & 8 layers) as well as defined high-tech layer buildups, UL marking.

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Multi-CB relies heavily on automation and digitalization of all work processes. By investing in 2020, the level of automation could be increased even further. This leads to lower unit prices, now also for lower quantities.

PCB series high-tech

Hightech PCBs SAVING price examples

e.g. Printed Circuit Board 80x100mm

PCB pricing table


Printed Circuit Boards Express

Fast production times (standard from 4WD) and express from 1WD available in the PCB calculator.

Already inclusive: 0.1mm tracks, space & annular ring, 0.2mm drills, FR4 1.55mm 35µm Cu, surface HAL lead-free (1-4 layers) or chemical gold / ENIG (6 & 8 layers), 2x solder-stop green, 1x legend print white, E-Test, Design Rule Check, milling inner/outer, PTH slits, defined high-tech layer buildups , UL-marking, multilayers ; multilayers additionally with FR4 Tg150, A.O.I. & X-Ray; WD = working days SAVING option

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