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Save 1 day on SMD-Stencils

Take advantage of the extended deadline: 12 pm (CET) for Multi-CB's high-precision SMD-Stencils. This way you benefit even more from the very short standard production time of 1 working day (WD).

Despite this already very short production time, we have managed to extend the deadline of your stencil order by 3 hours.

Ordered by 12 pm (CET) -> shipped the next day!

(or pick-up in the morning in Brunnthal, near Munich)

From now on you will gain 1WD if you order between 9 am and 12 pm. A further increased degree of automation makes it possible. For printed circuit boards, the deadline of 9 am (CET) remains unchanged.

Easy: add Multi-CB stencil to the PCB with 1 click

By default, the Multi-CB stencil is selected as 1-click template (X mm larger on all sides).

Easy: add individual stencil to the PCB with 1 click

Create your individual stencil template for all common quick clamping systems, e.g. Quattroflex, Vectorguard, Zelflex. This saves time & costs and avoids errors.

SMD-Stencil template: create & edit

With Multi-CB's online calculator, you can calculate the price of your SMD stencils and PCBs quickly and conveniently!

  • SMD-Stencil from € 9,90 (e.g. 100mm x 140mm)
  • Optional: Electropolishing and Nano coating
  • Standard production time: 1WD
  • Unlimited Pads!

We offer high quality precision SMD laser stencils made of hardened stainless steel from 1WD. Unlimited pads, final treatment Both side brushing / deburring are always included. Our SMD-Stencils meet the highest quality requirements with optimum alignment accuracy and cut quality.

The low axial deviation of ± 2µm and a repeatability of ± 3µm offer optimal conditions for solder paste printing even for the smallest high-tech components. The pads of laser-cut stencils also have a slightly conical opening towards the PCB side, thus ensuring optimal release behavior of the paste.

LPKF Stencil Laser in Action

In our online shop you will find solder paste that can be stored at room temperature. Simply add it to your shopping cart. This way you get everything in one delivery and can assemble immediately: PCB + SMD-Stencil + ready-to-use solder paste.

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