FED – PCB Design Award

Multi-CB is again sponsor of the FED PCB Design Award, which takes place for the 5th time. Designers of Printed Circuit Board and assembly groups, from German-speaking countries, can apply until May 31st. Since 2012, the FED e.V. has been awarding the valuable professional award every two years, which is considered a knighthood in the community of circuit board designers.

Good PCB data is one of the most important instruments for quality and delay-free production for the customer as well as for the PCB manufacturer. Supporting the PCB Design Award is therefore in Multi-CB's own interest. As a longstanding member, Multi-CB supports the FED PCB Design Award, which provides valuable impulses for hardware development regarding the increasing complexity in circuit board design.

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The participants describe the task, the approach and the implementation using everyday work. It is irrelevant which device or assembly is involved in the design. The prerequisite is that there is at least one functional prototype. Design data is not queried.

At the PCB Design Award, an independent jury of specialists assesses how the designer has managed to solve the tasks under the given conditions. Only the implementation of circuits based on an assembled circuit carrier is assessed.

The categories of the PCB Design Award:

  • 3D / available space
  • High Power
  • High wiring density / high transfer rates / HDI
  • Special creativity

Printed Circuit Board designers work as an interface between electronics development and production and must take into account all specifications of the actors involved in the development process. In their work, they decide on the costs, quality of the subsequent production of a Printed Circuit Board as well as on its assembly. The PCB Design Award recognizes this important and complex work.

Participation in the competition is independent of the FED membership and of the Printed Circuit Board layout program (EDA tool) used.

The winners will be honored at the 28th FED Conference in Augsburg on September 17th 2020. They will receive a valuable professional award and can attend a FED day seminar of their choice.

Information on the application can be found on the website www.fed.de/pcb-design-award.

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