UL certification

UL number on PCB

UL is the certifying agency for product safety in the United States of America. The  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test products worldwide according to corresponding U.S. product safety requirements, so that these products may be marketed and sold in every part of the United States of America.

The UL Mark is the most widely accepted proof that a product meets American and Canadian safety requirements. For North American consumers, regulators and manufacturers, the UL Mark is a recognized symbol of product safety. More than 17 billion UL Marks appear every year on new products.

UL certification of Multi-CB

Nearly all circuit boards made by Multi-CB are manufactured using a UL 796 certified process according to ZPMV2. These circuit boards may be integrated into UL approved products, which may then be marketed without any difficulty in the United States of America. The completed products are certified according to fire safety class UL (796) 94 / V0. UL 94 is harmonized with IEC 60707, 60695-11-10 and -20 as well as the Canadian CAN/CSA C 22.2 No.017.

Multi-CB’s UL identification number is E198312.

Application of the UL identification is included for new orders; application of the UL identification on subsequent (re-orders) involves a film charge of € 25.00 (net). If you wish the UL identification to be applied to your circuit boards, simply specify this with your order.

A detailed listing for Multi-CB at Underwriters Laboratories may be found here!

Manufacture date

Depending on the type of application, it may be necessary to apply the manufacture dates in addition to the UL identification. This is usually inclusive.