Up to -70% for 4 layers FR4 1.0mm

Due to increasing demand, now cost-effective in our pooling production: 4 layers multilayer with 1.0mm thickness, FR4 Tg150, surface ENIG (chemical gold). In addition to our proven pool production for 2 layers FR4 1.0mm the elegant solution, e.g. for compact assemblies in ever smaller and lighter devices.

The perfect addition to our successful 1-8 layers 1.55mm pool production.

4 Lagen 1,0mm pool production - always inclusive:

  • Material FR4 1.0mm Tg150, 35µm Cu
  • ENIG surface (RoHS compliant)
  • Conductor width / spacing, annular ring: 0.1mm
  • Drill holes: 0.2mm, unlimited drilling
  • Standard production time from 7 working days
  • Milling, PTH slits
  • E-Test, Design-Rule-Check
  • Solder-stop green (2x, different), such as for SMD
  • Legend print 1x (white)
  • Set-up costs, photo-plot
  • Defined layer buildup 4L-02 (optional)

Free& Optional: Defined layer buildup (type 4L-02)

including impedance examples

Estimated final thickness (+/- 10%): 1.0mm

4 layers 1.0mm: Type 4L-02 - impedance examples


Loss Tangent / Dissipation factor (Df): ca. 0.02
Dielectric constant Ԑr for 1x Prepreg 2116: 4.20

Download: Multi-CB Defined layer buildup (4, 6, 8 layers) and layout examples for impedance