Price reduction of our high-tech PCBs

Our attractive offer: Price reduction 8 layers up to -9.1%, 105µm thick copper up to -53%, and further improvements to our high-tech production. You are used to consistently high quality, favourable prices and short production times from Multi-CB.

Find the latest improvements here:

Price reduction 8 layers SAVING Option: up to -9,1%

Multi-CB's lowest price option SAVING is now even more attractive for 8 layers. By optimising multilayer production, we can reduce (small) series prices by up to 9.1%. This results in a saving of 51% compared to standard production.

Pricing examples

Circuit Board FR4 1.55mm Tg150, surface ENIG. 100x100mm, 50pcs. ea.

4 layers6 layers8 layers
Standard production (5-6 WD)€ 9,33€ 16,27€ 22,99
SAVING Option (11-16 WD)€ 5,77€ 8,84€ 12,40
€ 11,28
Savings (on Standard)38%45%39%51%

Always inclusive: 0.1mm tracks, 0.2mm drills, 2x solder-stop green, 1x legend print white, defined high-tech layer buildups, WD=working days

As one of very few PCB suppliers in Europe, Multi-CB is able to offer pooling production also for 8 layers - made possible by the high number of multilayer orders. As a result, you benefit from a favourable price, short standard production time and fast express options. Here you can find all 8 layer pooling specifications.

Price reduction 105µm copper thickness up to -53%

105µm final copper thickness for outer and inner layers are now available as SAVINGS option, which reduces the price by up to -53%. The SAVINGS option increases flexibility for production, which is passed on to the customer as a price advantage.

Thick copper PCBs allow higher current ratings and good thermal management. For 18-140µm final copper thickness, the common material is on stock. High-tech production also enables final copper thicknesses of up to 560µm on the outer and inner layers. (thick copper layout parameters).

Pricing examples

Circuit Board with 105µm copper (outer, inner), 100x80mm, 5pcs, ea.

2 layers4 layers6 layers8 layers
Special production (6 WD)€ 38,44€ 68,31€ 104,97€ 125,88
SAVINGS Option (12-18 WD)€ 17,80€ 39,32€ 71,99€ 89,78

Inclusive: FR4 1.55mm, 0.25mm tracks, 0.2mm drills, Tg 150 (multilayer), surface finish HAL lead-free, 2x solder-stop green, 1x legend print white

Save costs through hybrid build-up Rogers 4350B / FR4 for high-frequency technologyy

For (impedance-controlled) high-frequency PCBs, Multi-CB offers Rogers 4350B material with improved dielectric properties. Rogers-4000 materials are based on ceramics, are more homogeneous in the material mix and thus more reliable in terms of signal integrity (e.g. significantly lower loss factor, tan d).


A hybrid layer buildup of Rogers 4350B and FR4 material combines several advantages. The critical layers are built up with a high-tech Rogers core and then pressed with common FR4 prepreg.

Multi-CB provides you with practicable defined layer buildups including impedance application examples.


Your advantages with Multi-CB's defined hybrid layer buildup:

  1. Optimised low loss material properties in the high-frequency layers
  2. Lower price due to material mix
  3. Time saving, due to high material availability
  4. Fixed distance from outer- to reference-layer thanks to thickness-stable Rogers cores
  5. Defined layer structure with impedance examples
  6. Improved adhesion between the layers, thanks to higher resin content in FR4 prepreg (cf. Rogers/Rogers construction)
  7. Greatly improved mechanical stability compared to a plain Rogers buildup
  8. High reliability of the PCBs due to high-quality, process-safe and proven buildups)