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Price reduction of up to -23% for 2 layer PCBs

You are used to consistently high qualityfavourable prices and short production times from Multi-CB. Our proven SAVING option passes on the price advantage of an extended production time to our customers.

Every day we receive hundreds of production data which we merge into production panels (PCB pooling). These panels are manufactured with a standard production time from 4WD and express from 1WD.

In the SAVING option, orders that are not quite so urgent are combined by us and gradually contribute to optimum production capacity utilisation.

Pricing examples SAVING option

2 layer PCB, 80mm x 100mm

 5 pcs.10 pcs.40 pcs.
Price each € 8,87€ 6,51€ 3,01
Working days SAVING8WD8WD9WD
Price reduction-22,8%-5,50%-8,10%

Always inclusive: FR4 1.55mm 35µm Cu, 0.1mm tracks, 0.2mm drills, surface HAL lead-free, 2x solder-stop green, 1x legend print white, Design Rule Check, E-Test

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