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Up to -17% for Flex PCBs

Multi-CB offers 1-layer and 2-layers Flex PCBs at favourable prices from 8WD production time. Calculate instant Quote & Order online.

Multi-CB also provides extensive production capabilities for multilayer Flex PCBs and Rigid-Flex PCBs. Feel free to submit a RFQ about those board types through the Online Calculator.

Due to increasing order numbers, particularly for single- and double-layer flex circuit boards, we were able to further optimize production utilization.

Benefit: price reduction up to -17% for Flex PCBs

Benefit: no extra charge for stiffener up to 0.3mm on top or bottom side.

SAVING option passes on the price advantage of an extended production time to our customers.

Pricing examples SAVING option

2 Lagen Flex Leiterplatte, 40mm x 100mm

 2 pcs.25 pcs.50 pcs.
Price each€ 97,50€ 14,84€ 9,00
Working days SAVING11WD11WD13WD

Price reduction


Always inclusive: Polyimid 25µm / 50µm, 35µm Cu, 100µm tracks, 0.2mm drills, surface chem. gold (ENIG), stiffener 0.2mm / 0.3mm, PI coverlay, Design-Rule-Check, e-test

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