PCB Workshops

Printed Circuit Board workshops by LeiterplattenAkademie

In partnership with the LeiterplattenAkademie GmbH we would like to refer to their comprehensive PCB seminars. The PCB Academy is an independent training and further education institution for the specialist areas of:

  • Circuit design
  • CAD design
  • CAM processing
  • PCB technology
  • Assembly production

All workshops of the PCB Academy are also lectured in-house or online.
Workshops are available in German or English.

The LeiterplattenAkademie introduces itself

The competent and consistent design of PCBs is the prerequisite for the long-term reliable functioning of electronic assemblies. The complexity of electromechanical components (µBGA, Flip Chip, BTC, CoB, CiB, Embedded Components, ViP, ...) demands and promotes the quality of PCB technology. High-density interconnect (HDI, "100µm technology") sets the direction for the coming years.

The PCB has successfully transformed from a mechanical component carrier to a (still) passive electronic component. Impedance-defined tracks for LVDS in high-speed applications, heat dissipation, current carrying capacity, sequential contacting (blind vias, buried vias), the construction of multilayer systems with consideration of signal integrity, power integrity and EMC, as well as the technical properties of the base materials determine the requirements for assemblies today. And the PCB can fulfil these tasks. High attention is therefore paid to the early consideration of the elementary rules already in the run-up to the construction and design process. The success of physical product quality is accompanied by the reduction of product costs, the gain in time for market access and increasing customer satisfaction.

We are happy to inform you about PCB technology in our workshops. For CAD designers, a secure knowledge of the elementary design rules is an excellent guideline for their daily work. But the seminars are also important for CAM operators at PCB and component manufacturers because they explain the interrelationships. In this way, they also promote cooperation in a spirit of partnership on the "CAD - CAM - PCB - assembly" line. The clear presentation of the topics is equally interesting for all decision-makers in the field of design and PCBs whose task it is to accompany the product "PCB + assembly" in a leading and advisory capacity.

Thank you for your interest. Your LA - LeiterplattenAkademie GmbH

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