Flex and Rigid-Flex boards

Please observe the following Design-Rules for your Flex- or Rigid-Flex circuit boards

For designers of flexible circuit boards we recommend the IPC-2223 Guideline / Design guidelines for flexible circuit boards, which is available from the IPC online store or in German, from the FED website.

Calculation of the bending radius

flex-rigid bending radius

The minimum bending radius r results from the factor 6 to 25 (depending on the number of layers or application) multiplied by h, the overall height of the flexible part.

2 layers flexible PCB; overall height of flexible part: 300µm
minimum bending radius r = 10 x 300µm = 3000µm = 3mm

Flexible PCB for dynamic installation; overall height of flexible part: 400µm
minimum bending radius r = 25 x 400µm = 10000µm = 10mm


Design of bending areas

Flexible circuit board bending areas

Divide wide conductor traces into narrower conductor traces in the bending area.

FPC fill of bending areas

Fill open regions in the bending area with blind conductors.

Flex-Rigid Circuit Board conductor paths

Ensure a perpendicular path of the conductor traces to the bending axis. Avoid pads plated-through holes in the bending area.

Optimized bending radius of flex-rigid board

The bending area may be optimized depending on the application.


Dynamic bending:
spontaneous and frequent bending
Optimization for dynamic bending:

  • drill holes or slots
  • copper edges at the bending location
  • copper stiffeners as bending aids

Durable bends:
single occurrence bending, such as for a bending tool
Optimization for durable bends:

  • drill holes or slots
  • Contour narrowing
  • Stabilization through more copper
2 layer flexible circuit board conductors

For 2 or more flex layers, please ensure an alternating arrangement of the conductor traces on the front and back sides of the flexible portion.

FPC curves

Use curves instead of corners in the conductor trace path.

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Printed Circuit Boards always include:

- E-Test
- Solder-stop 2x
- Marking print 1x
- Gerber-Import
- Scoring (series)
- Design-Rule-Check

- Tooling costs
- Photoplot
- Conductors 150μm
- Drill holes 0,3mm
- Unlimited drilling
- HAL, FR4 1,6, 35μm Cu

2 layers - 5 WD
41,- €
1 Printed circuit board 100x100mm
4 layers - 5 WD
98,74 €
1 Printed circuit board 160x100mm
6 layers - 6 WD
158,20 €
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2 layers - each
3,74 €
4 layers - each
5,64 €
6 layers - each
7,30 €
8 layers - each
14,25 €
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max. 200x300mm - 3WD
47,50 €
1 Stencil, including 1000 pads
max. 600x600mm - 3WD
89,00 €
1 Stencil, including 2500 pads
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